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Spelling and grammar make words easier to read; however, caring about the topic and reader is an important part of art. When a person cares about the topic words and imagery are alive. People enjoy art, because they are closer to seeing the whole picture. When a person cares about the reader or audience they know what they write is important to someone. This makes sharing a greater degree of information easy.

Inhibitions and fears have there place. Etiquette and morals build a respectful platform for a relationship. However, inhibitions are a reason artists might be dubbed a hack or never reach a greater level of achievement.

People are afraid to go outside the box. Regurgitating the same "safe" information is boring. It is possible to address topics that are constantly in public by infusing stories with enthusiasm, intricate knowledge and personal experience. Everyone sees the world differently. Sometimes people see the side view mirrors on a car as ears, while another sees the bumper as a bottom lip. There is no right or wrong. These subtleties make art personal and intriguing.

Some people feel inhibited by success or stature in society. Focusing on the competition creates a sense of insecurity. There always seems to be someone who is better. It is wrong to think they have more insight and larger audience than anyone else. Everyone has to try in order to gain success. Every person has valuable insight related to the world. There is always someone who can relate and relate too. Recognizing every person has something important to say is valuable in overcoming inhibitions.

Caring about people is a key point to offering important information. Often we imagine our enemies tearing us down. The only way to get past clinical precision is to imagine friends and people who will be helped with your knowledge.

People live in fear of enemies stealing their ideas or twisting their words. When realizing expression benefits people you care about the deepest, most personal insights are realized and shared. These insights create friends that will build you up.

Exposing deeper emotions and self is dangerous. Remembering friends and enemies balance themselves out allowing the greater purpose of being an artist, come to light. Remember a time when a tough decision had to be made and you thought of something you read or saw. After reaching out to a greater audience, someone will remember what you said or drew. Hopefully, it was accurate, encompassing the important aspects so they will make good decisions and remember you fondly.

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