Naomie Christensen: Angry Letter to General Audience

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Angry Letter to General Audience

Life is never ending journey is a lie. Life always ends. It is over one way or another. There is no way of knowing how things happen, so we just do things.

Experiences are great. I have overprotective parents. There could considerably more to do in the world. I feel satisfied and have some experiences. Truthfully, I don't have a "bucket list." Everything is done.

I have thought about various activities. I am not going to do any of them. I think going to Los Angeles would be suicide. People are up and supportive. I took it seriously. Supposedly, there are all kinds of things to do in Los Angeles.

You can get a job on the Hollywood Strip. You can work as an Extra in movies. You could be in a band. They have more outlets for fashion and galleries for artwork.

I won't ever physically do any of that. It's kind of wasting time. It is also a dangerous waste-of-time. My life could actually be in danger. I guess everywhere is dangerous.

One of my pets got ran over by a car last year. Traffic is bad. I would rather just fade out.

I smoke. It could take five off my life span or make the formative years more formative.

I will blog. I made a pirate necklace. I might replicate it twice. Two will be available for sale.

Why lie? I am not going to make more. There will only be three. I am happy keeping them for myself. Otherwise, I won't make another accessory for myself using the same materials.

The cords and beads will take up space in my drawer. Necklaces can take up space in my drawer.

There is no fountain of prosperity. This one necklace isn't leading to mass manufacturing. There is really nothing particular or unique. These probably won't sell or start my career.

I will make a pirate bracelet. I think it's cute. If I have extra supplies, I will make a couple more.

Over the years of constantly changing artistic mediums, it will be surprising if this burst of interest in crafts will last half this year.

I do think about the future. I am thinking about painting again, maybe. There is something about painting on canvas or canvas paper that is unique. I probably won't make enough to go to a gallery.

The internet is fun. It has expanded my ability to make more art. Someone else prints the design onto objects. There are more objects to disperse to the public. The public doesn't look at my website.

Maybe I feel down now. Even when I feel better, people just think all this stuff is easy. It isn't easy. If it was, they would do it. Instead, most people don't really have the talent to be an artist.

That's great. I don't want to waste time on things that don't pay when having to pay bills to other people who also feel an entitlement to compensation.

In addition, an ability to do something does not mean it becomes a career. I am really good math. No one has weird smug blunt narcissistic remarks about becoming a statistician.

That's not important when you can sing. A career that is also going nowhere. I won't do anything to make it go anywhere.

It all seems whatever. I feel whatever. I will stay whatever, wherever I am.