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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independent Stratagem

It is the 4th of July in the United States. Though not really participating in the usual celebrations of hotdogs, barbeques and fireworks, it is always an uplifting holiday. Anyone, anywhere can ask themselves what independence means to them.

Part of being a US citizen is ridding yourself of former aristocracies. Title of lord, lady, czar, sheik and so-on are forbidden. This is built on a system of believing merit is the most important quality. Many of the royal families in other countries have altered rules of secession. Everyone may rise and fall according to merit. The eldest son of the King is not guaranteed to become King. They compete against immediate family and first cousins.

Submissiveness to royalty became clearly unfair for many years. Any subplot, even in fiction, against royalty could ruin an author's life. It appeared as though the people in charge became complacent or overly tyrannical in their quest to gain fame, fortune and technology.

Members of the royal family would dictate who is allowed to contribute to the larger well being of the country. There were rules on how a person can serve their nation. Intelligent and healthy people could only excel so far in life. Birthright was more important than merit. Without fairness, the ignoble might withhold invention. Rebels would be tortured so the greater realization of a person merit would be snuffed out prematurely.

On the side of the perceptions of the working-class, the families of aristocracies gained jobs above their education. With minimal education in reading and writing, nobility held positions of management over skilled craftsmen of greater tenure.

It was unfair. The founding fathers embarrassed philosophies to prevent these mishaps. Forbidding titles is one method. The other method is the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights allows everyone to have civil liberties and personal freedom. It also protects US bureaucrats. There is a peaceful method of shifting power without needing a rebellion or warfare. It allows everyone personal freedom to create a strategy to pursue happiness and ownership of land.

With many people planning their futures, the government only needs to protect individuals from groups that want to overly control every aspect of another person's life while a group pursues ideals of utopia.

We all have different ideas of utopia. As each person grows and pursues utopia, there is a large collection of ideas to build better methods of handling issues.

The political ambiance of the US is intricate. Special interest groups, individuals and the history of the nation guide everyone in to finding comprehensive truths about living that better society.

When there is a misunderstanding or the truths involving an issue are allusive, committees and individuals contribute to refining the process. Eventually, all truths are apparent to everyone.

Democracy plays a grand part in the functioning of government. I am happy to live in a democratic country. With general consent from the majority, minorities have protection. I am not referring to a racial minority. A minority who do not see how the majority's vision of happiness is effective or creates happiness in their life.

Is a poor person able to buy any location they want? Is a wealthy man making most decisions to find food and shelter?

That is what I enjoy most about freedom. I read about whatever religion or philosophy. I gain knowledge and wisdom to make my decisions about life. There might be a time of reconciliation and concern. A individual accepts the consequences of actions. It is nice knowing government will protect my rights to enact decisions that do not affect another person's freedom to pursue happiness.

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