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Monday, June 8, 2015

Demonic Thoughts

It is summer. I am defrosting after a case of frostbite a couple years ago. I feel the cold around my back. Occasionally, the frost is released and sends a sense of euphoria to my brain. It is difficult staying awake. After a couple minutes, the sensation goes away and I feel perky again.

Lately, I have been thinking about debt and the greater impacts of debt on the psyche and spirit. Taking up a better amount of my thought process, I thought it would be nice to keep everything together with a few short articles.

The psyche and spirit are different. Some might say it is the same thing. The psyche revolves around the conscious and subconscious mind. It is part of the brain that always has a watchful eye. It makes judgments about the world around us and ourselves.

Deciding the psyche feels useless or unable to function without the assistance of others, even if going back to a time before birth, an impression of ourselves is made when a parent had to get food stamps, work assistance, housing assistance, assistance from police, medical assistance or bailout money.

These factors contribute to feeling of uselessness. The government is great and flawless. The wealthy do not need programs. The saintly save us.

As an adult, we find jobs and become saintly. However, there is a group of people that continue going to everyone else to find safety. Safety is better found with independence.

The spiritual side is dogma. There is a religious side to everything. Everyone's religion is different, yet there is some spiritual statement or horror movie that plays around in the back of the mind. It has sight and sound of people suffering, angels, demons. Unseen forces play havoc on the lives of others and in our personal lives.

This could be a part of the subconscious speaking to us through a dreamlike states. Spirituality, even if atheist, lays down rules and regulations for what it means to be a good person. These religious ideals of independence, joy, pursuit of happiness, damnation, salvation, heaven and hell are part of thoughts manifesting into an odd, fictional reality that is easier to acknowledge than facts.

Demons are interesting. Flying away from the regular rundown thoughts of every instance needing gratitude and measuring situations to off balance what is needed to function in the world; including, how much money it takes to just live. Demons and angels playing out God's will in the arena of theft and the seven year shift has become a fascination.

A parabolic story, a demon is born each time we might commit a sin. When we borrow money, a baby demon is born. He is small as an infant in the beginning and grows old. When we pay off what was given, the demon has a small compartment in their chest making them mortal. It is released. They return to being immortal.

When they are not released, they become hostile and frantic. They want to be saintly dragons set free back to the stars. Someone living a long time, without remorse, is a host bringing their kind into existence without a method of escape. Becoming more hostile, they only have one goal. Hell is all of them surrounding you after death.

Those who have been released are kinder and helpful. You might be wise.

With this in mind, who are these people giving endless amounts of charity and for what purpose? Are they concerned about everyone's lives? Did they truly anticipate making the world a better place? Are they saving themselves? Was it a plan to control the masses?

In both the psyche and spirituality, there is a darkness. It takes over. It is more important to just pay bills and ignore everything else. Who do we pay these bills to or work for? Is it ourselves or who gave assistance before we could even contractually make agreement as an infant or a child?

I imagine, in the bleakness of a time long ago, someone said they could do more. They wanted to help. Someone else was happy to accept. They were owed. It was not that awful at first. Everyone got along. Then they wanted favors. As a blessed person, they could do more. Others became useless.

There is a flaw in both systems. A person should want balance. Take as much as they give. Want responsibility over their debts. They do not need to indenture others to them or have other people do all their work to survive.

I imagine large caverns under a wealthy persons home. Hell earth with rivers of blood, bones and monsters eating away at the souls with an increasing lack of concern for those with endless want. A woman that is less faithful, or a man that would do horrible things to another to make money. Someone who hangs around to long, wanting more money to save themselves, they have taken enough.

There are those who try to be spiritually clean. They want to make a difference. Without knowledge or consent do they need pay back things they needs to live? Without conscious effort demons take slices out of their souls turning them to maimed corpses. They will be called demons. The flesh corroding off their souls is disgusting. However, it was the person carrying the weight of themselves plus a dozen others wanting frivolous things so they can continue working a half-life of unpleasant, endless work.

This has been going on for millennium. It is no longer a handful of people to back up a person in a light skirmish or small war along meadows. It is now a formation of thousands or millions willing to sacrifice their lives on the whims of an idea to benefits all humans. With this greater image, the Angel of False Wisdom won. Twisting better intention and offering ingenuity, World War III will destroy all humanity because of a lack of acknowledging suffering.

Luckily, God is kind. God is merciful. There is probably a chill to anyone watching the news and programs for the poor are closing down. They were unproductive. They did not perform. There are fewer supplies. Few rose to the higher standards of living. We feel lost and wanting solutions.

Compassion is great. Communities are bigger. It is good if means something. Yet, many were promised easy lives and wealth. That dream was not realized. It appears wealth and fame are lifestyles for someone else. Motivating everyone to do better, life creeps around the corners of the darkness until releasing fragile dreams away from everyone.

There might be a free person somewhere. It took months, maybe years, thinking of everything given to me, until realizing my Mom to advantage of work programs and medical programs to be born. It is like not owning my life. Was there a promise to pay it back? Does is matter who benefits from this activity? Should we pitch in? Is there a need for penance or sacrifice? Time moves on to figure out what to do with the remaining time.

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