Naomie Christensen: Evaluating Publishing Options

Monday, February 24, 2014

Evaluating Publishing Options

Prowling around in the internet and reading books, Publishers do not offer much compensation to Writer's. It was a disturbing discovery. I am content with writing my blog.

There are dozens of magazines in the market. Interesting in print copies of literature are disappearing. It is important to be aware of changes in technology. I could write for a zine, probably will, yet it is not doing more for me than writing on the internet.

There are ideals that Writer's have great careers. Some have great careers. They write the story for a script that went to theaters or get a Staff job for a major magazine. The Writer collects royalties. Everyone is happy. Unfortunately, the proving ground Writer's is competitive and does not pay well.

How does an Editor pay with money they do not have? The adage to do what you love is a good quote. Frequently, magazines are charitable, new or have a Staff. People sending submissions are not the same. How does someone become a Staff Writer for a magazine? They have to prove themselves as a Good Writer's by submitting writing to magazines.

It is a paradigm. It seems as though everything in life has a challenge to get to the goal. Many do not reach the goal. If they did not try, they get nothing. I get nothing without trying.

My blog is doing fine. When starting, I thought about writing a blog to gain attention, advice and other information so submitting manuscripts to Publishers would have more importance. There would be an elegant query letter and an interesting about page.

As time goes by, I do not want to send writing to magazines who pay with free copies of magazines. I want money. I make an equivalent amount of money. It seems like a reverse direction in my career. Why go back to go forward?

It is challenging to operate a business. Publishers are trying to do something for the community. They want to share knowledge and promote Authors. Authors will have a better query letter and might write a best selling book. If that happens, they have done well and know their has purpose.

The importance of interacting with art communities is immeasurable. There is a need to remain current and know what Readers are reading. It is also good to have ongoing awareness of what Artists and Writers think. It is possible to observe from a distance. Someone contributing to everyone's success by submitting article, going to workshop and giving advice receives better advice. Otherwise, they are estranging themselves by usurping other Artists and Writers.

We should all feel; there is a purpose to life. I will write a couple poems or short stories for Magazines and Zines. Hopefully, they publish it. However, I will only write a handful of poems and stories, for publishing, a year. I also want to limit who and what kind of magazine to send submissions. I also review how it is sent. I do not want to spend the price of a stamp or mailing an envelope when the reward is not that important to me. Advertising to a larger audience is important. Without compensation through money or advertising, it seems pointless.

I enjoy writing nonfiction, poetry and fiction. Though writing in a few genres, there are only a few worth posting. I enjoy comedy, horror, motivational and short verse. It might seem like an odd combination, yet I am going to start a writing blog for my poetry and flash fiction. I could start writing and make it a regular blog. It could be potentially endless. I already write blogs on a regular basis.

There is a complication. Without a long list for a resume, Book Publisher's might not want to publish my manuscripts. However, with self-publishing growing, I do not need anyone's permission to write a book to make available to the Public.

Criticism is great. Competition helps improve skills; ergo, Publishers and Readers want verification of abilities through placing in contests.. Eventually, I will send a full manuscript to a Publisher. I would like approval from people who have careers in writing. Is it that important? It probably is. It is a debatable issue.

Thinking about this problem for a few months, it is complex. There are several considerations. I want to go further in writing. Making a plan to make it happen, it is taking awhile. Now that a plan is clear, it will be awhile until making progress.

Those are my thoughts subject. Everyone has to evaluate circumstances in relation to their lives. Maybe contests are less available than writing workshops or they belong to a productive College Community.

Making a decision, I will post creative writing to a new blog. Currently, there is no name for it. It will take a couple weeks to decide how it will look and identify future goals. I need to coordinate existing writing into a blog book and think about what that might be at the end of editing. I sent a a couple poems to Publishers. I will send a couple poems or stories to zines.

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