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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Work Schedule

Complaining about working at home in previous articles, I thought of more methods to assist with the oddities of WAHA. It is weird having work and home. It is the same place.

A new idea is to have a work schedule. Remembering working at an office, a separation of time helps. Time is important. Never knowing when to or not to work has complications.

Is it alright to leave the house? I might wake up and decide to play online gaming. There were other days spent working on the computer. I stayed up late and felt exhausted. Supposedly, it will be alright to play games, leave the house or socialize. I never know how many hours were for work and how many hours were for personal time.

Eliminating confusion is good. Starting a work schedule, there is not too much to report.

The first day was interesting. I start at 9AM. I usually get morning tea and prefer bathing in the evening. Though only have to walk a few steps to my room, I was a few minutes late.

I have two 15 minute breaks. One begins at 10:30AM. The other break begins at 2PM. It was a day to write and post blogs. I had to take a break at 10AM. It was sudden. I wanted to smoke and needed to use the bathroom.

I did that at my former jobs. Instead of having one 15 break, I took two short breaks before and after lunchtime. It was because of smoking. Every hour-on-the-hour, for several years, I had to smoke a cigarette. It was inconvenient. My Supervisor gave me a verbal warning. The company was worried that I might slip on the ice. In addition, I should follow the schedule.

The idea about taking multivitamins is effective. There were several days I went a few hours without smoking and did not notice. It is possible to wait. I usually smoke more in the morning, so it is not perfect. Progress is good. I enjoy smoking. I do not think habits interrupt my life.

Lunch is at Noon. With a half hour lunch break, I can eat breakfast. I drink tea in the morning. It is important to eat food and drink orange juice, but I have to wait an hour after drinking tea. There is tea for waking up and tea in the afternoon. Later in the evening, I drink hot chocolate and eat a snack. The snack is after work. It does not interfere with my usual dietary schedule.

It is important to have healthy habits. Life should not be sitting in front of a computer all day. When work is on the computer, there is not reason to do a lot of things. On the first day, when the work day was over, it was great. Suddenly, I have identifiable socializing and personal care time.

I have been missing a social life. I find myself playing online games or going to online social website. This is amazingly different from my social life as a Teen or Young Adult going to the community college. I wonder how long it will be until finding time and reason to be amongst people.

There were so many social obligations. Almost everyday after school, I went to a Friend's house. My Parents were lenient about curfew. Sometimes, we went to a park or a restaurant that offer refills on drinks just to stay away from home.

In college, I had work, school and Friends. It was hectic. I got frustrated with everything and everyone on occasion. I wanted to be alone frequently. Friends made school hard and work pays while school does not. These were occasional outburst. By the end of college I hated most of my Friend's and was never going to go back to school.

Then, I started at the university. I moved to another city and burned some bridges to Old Friends. It is still a regret, yet there is not foreseeable method of talking it over and working it out anytime in the near future. I am thinking about making New Friends.

I was afraid of the idea of meeting New People. I went to a community college and spent a couple years holding a regular job. I was older than most of the Students at the university. I did not have to start as a Freshman, so it was a comfortable arrangement.

I tried holding a regular job and going to school. That lasted for a semester. It was impossible to study. All my classes require study to pass. I was placed on probation for low test scores and did not schedule classes for a couple semesters.

I made a friend and wanted to move again. I thought applying to another university. I quit my job. I was a Customer Care Representative II for an inbound call center. Technical work with cellphones, I could not get a better job without a Bachelor Degree.

Without anything beside school, I made a total of three Friends during my Junior and Senior year of college. Some interesting things happened.

Without anyone to preoccupy time, I always wanted to know what being a fan is like. I was never a fan of anyone as a Teen. Onetime, I noticed the fan mail address to a band on the back of a compact disk jewel case. I sent a letter and it had computerized drawings on it. They sent a flier with updates on what the band was doing.

I also had trouble adjusting to not having a great social life. The internet helped ease my mind. Though different, there is still time for socializing. I feel part of the world.

There is an ongoing indecisiveness about broadening my social life. With arguments for either, having identifiable time to socialize should help. I will spend more time on personal care. My personal care habits are considerably lower than usual. I always showered once-a-day and had a weird, complicated routine for personal care.

I do most of it. I brush my teeth twice-a-day and wear different outfits for different activities. I do not pluck my eyebrows every two weeks and I have the same nail polish on as five days ago. I normally remove and repaint within two days. I still file and clip when necessary.

There was a time when it was important to apply lotion to my body every couple of months. I still lotion my hands and face. I get herbal vitamins to balance my diet and wash dishes regularly.

The most disturbing lack of personal care is wearing the same outfit for a few days. I change undergarments. As a Teen, I would never wear the same outfit everyday. Now, I have the same outfit for exercise. I have more clothes than that. I always wear the same shirt, shorts and shoes.

I hope a work schedule resolves the issue. Every day I work, there is a clear time to do anything besides work. I probably will not be applying for another regular job.

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