Naomie Christensen: New Year Plans

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year Plans

Another new year, after so many, it is not an exciting event. As a child, it is not an exciting event.

Nothing better than a holiday to stay up late and reminisce over previous years to decide what to do the next year. It is not fun staying awake until after midnight as Adult. I do it all the time. Most of the time, I am playing a video game or working late. As a Child, it is staying awake is a chore.

This article is not about remembering New Year Day Celebrations. I do not remember the exact age. I decided that New Year Resolutions are silly things people say. They will break the resolution. I will not make a resolution. I will write down plans for this year.

The past year was the year to hopefully see a reasonable change in Customers for my blog and vlog. It did not happen. It is about the same if not getting slightly worse.

There are potentially many contributors. The database is not complete. I search bands in the Video Music Awards and end up with several young men who enjoy alternative music. It is not bad, yet overriding the profile seems impossible.

It reminds me of a recent log-in to Amazon. I want a winter vest with faux fur trim. I get tons of felt winter vests. It would be nice to see winter vest with faux fur trim to comparison shop. It does not seem to know how to evaluate my thoughts. I bought a felt vest. It should be nice. I need winter clothes and it will be in the mail.

I was formulating plans to increase likability and create reasons for people to buy my artwork and writing. Unfortunately, I do not believe there will be a change. It will always be coasting along. The people have spoken. They really are not interested in what I do.

It was a good experiment. I always wondered what would have happened if I went for a college degree in art. I now know, it would not have gone far. It would have been a disappointment.

I try doing one thing and another things happens. I will continue trying to shift through everything to do better at running an online home business, yet it is time to get serious about making money.

Salt Lake City is a big city in the surrounding area. There are far more opportunities for art, acting, music and writing. There are paying jobs. There are few jobs each year and they are difficult to find. An Artist can spend most of their time finding leads and barely make survival income. After a person survives, they can thrive. That is the adage.

With the internet, I have been able to host a test market to find out how to develop a company. I had a deadline. Obvious progress had to happen in 2013. While making progress, it is not going well.

It is time to realize that a regular tech occupation is better. I usually working in cellular and satellite service. Tip: if it is not working unplug it and wait a minute to plug it back in. If you have rechargeable batteries, powering off and remove the battery. This resets equipment. Most of time, that fixes the problem. The best rechargeable battery is Lithium Ion. There is another battery that does not slowly lose charge without large amounts of attention. Plain lithium batteries are not rechargeable.

I am still working on figuring out the whole internet commerce issue. The sites will remain. It has automation and took a lot work to develop. The difference is only working on it a few, maybe four, hours a week.

It will take a few months to find a regular job. The types of jobs I look for there is a minimum of one month before beginning training. It is important. I will keep the job for the rest of my life. I will send resumes to Former Employers. I already know what it is like. There should be less time testing a job and deciding whether it feels comfortable working there.

There is no more time to believe something will happen differently. I will save money and pay bills. I need a lot of stuff to feel alright again. A couch costs almost $1,000 on sale. People do not understand sometimes. I was not homeless, yet living below what is normal is difficult. I need things. My cost-of-living, includes: new clothes, car, bathing supplies, vacation money, going to restaurants, baby corn, marinated artichoke hearts, new furniture, impulse purchases and just buying stuff. Power bars, Jell-O and hot chocolate are not sustaining.

I still have a cellphone, laptop, wireless internet, home, heating, cooling, bed, food, shampoo, condition, gym pass and basic survival stuff. It isn't enough. (I already bought warm winter clothes: scarf, knit hat, glove and heavy socks.) It is not enough. While having big plans for things to do in the future, it will never happen because there are no Customers. Everyone is trying to sell something.

I am also selling things. It is part of being in the network. Without volume, I get one percent of what someone paid for a product. I believe they bought something they want. There is no hostility and hopefully, they were not doing it as a favor. I am not making enough money to stay in business. Buying my designs from the shop would be better, it is like a couple dollars times a few hundred before being able to really entertain the idea of working on it all-the-time.

There are a few people who like reading my blogs and watching my videos. To sell a movie on DVD, I would need millions of viewers so 70,000 people buy the DVD.

It costs $15 to physically make the physical DVD. I can adjust the price to make a $5 profit; however, after paying the Crew, Actors, Actresses and living through the experience, it costs about $500,000 to payoff what I would owe. That is risky without knowing who will want it after it is made. I am not going to go $500,000 in debt.

After I start working, there are no plans of continuing any kind of expensive path in entertainment. It is like trying to prove I am cool. Acceptance is thin. After having more money, I will have more money for an endless amount of Salespeople, "It will make you famous."

A normal full-sized bed with frame is $500 on sale. Beliefs are cool. I need money to survive. I do not believe anyone will argue, since no one really seems to leave comments or suggestions.