Naomie Christensen: December Chill

Monday, December 9, 2013

December Chill

The weather was in my favor for awhile. It did not drop below zero until a couple weeks ago. Now I am stuck inside. It is too cold. I got rid of most of my winter clothes. I imagine this will be like the haircut that was supposed to happen over a month ago. I could have gotten it on time; however, I will probably be in the mood to buy winter clothes about the time spring arrives.

Thinking about winter and singing, when I was about eight or nine years old, it was fun to join a choir. My Parents wanted me to learn music. They said it was good for developing math skills.

There was a small group of Students to join a choir. We sang for a competition. It was not a big thing. We performed songs from Sesame Street and won a competition.

It was great publicity for the people who sponsored us. They bought a sundial to commemorate the occasion and gave money to the school.

It is nice when things go well. I think it is because everyone is thinking about everyone else and do not have unrealistic expectation about life. We were not expecting anything. It was fun because there was no pressure. Sponsors thought it would be cute to assist in a music program for schools. Essentially charity, they were not going to spend more than what they felt was important to have a good show.

We did not expect anything. We perform well because it was not overly demanding and educational. I think, yet have difficulty remembering, a couple sessions seemed long. I wanted to go home or play on the playground. Most of the time, it was something to do after school and my Parents were happy to have a safe place to play.

It seems like people can be overly critical of what they are owed and want to collect everything in advance. It is stressful. Their dreams might be big. When there is a loss and no one breaks-even, everyone becomes aware of personal losses and loses sight of the big picture.

It is good to do things so everyone is happy. Everyone gets something they want. People receive credit for philanthropy. Parents receive daycare. Kids receive knowledge of singing in a choir. The immediate reward is not always money, yet it is something a person would buy.

With good feelings and wanting to spend time well, everyone is content. There is no guarantee of winning anything. We did not have matching costumes or elaborate decorations. Focus was on singing.

One of my favorite epiphanies, from many years ago, was realizing I would be at home watching television if not at work. People complain about jobs. What would you being doing if not waiting through a lull or hurrying through a rush at work?

Life is fun to live. There is not always a dollar amount in association to gaining something or bartering. It is important to think about everyone.

Winter is one of the biggest charity seasons. People donate time and money to raise funds to help people have food and shelter through the winter months. It is often in association to Christmas. Some might want to ignore social responsibilities because of political reasons. Maybe they prefer specific charities and only want to give a portion of their money to charity to ensure they will receive money.

Being dogmatic and pushy about charity, it is mean on occasion. Someone having a home and food does not make them wealthy. Charity is a thing with no method of gaining a return on investment. Sometimes it has a positive outcome and generates income. Most of the time, it is better to not worry about those issues. I can imagine someone giving everything to charity. Then they have nothing and need charity.

I would rather pay for presents at the store than go to charity to get my coat back from the bins. Appreciate and give thanks, everyone should be realistic about expectations.

I worry about the cancellation of food stamps. Welfare is only a percentage of a smaller percentage of the national budget. Charities ask for an amount that is less than a cup of coffer to help people in third world countries.

When it is amount that is less than a nickel from paycheck, everyone complains. Cutting this expense to save money is like trying to squeeze blood out-of-a turnip. Turnips have juices and no blood.

Caroling is in season. It seems as though every year there is less caroling. I will admit to avoiding walking around the streets at night to sing songs. It is too cold. I might participate on the weekend when the sun is out and it is slightly warmer. Otherwise, it was nice having an place to gather inside.

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