Naomie Christensen: Optimistic Viewpoint

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Optimistic Viewpoint

As a single person who has not raised children, I know there is more to life than parenthood. Being more susceptible to the idea as a teen, several people want to start a family. With age, other interests are more important. There is more to life.

Having several single friend wealthy, working-class, poor, old and young there is a time when everyone wants more. They want to make bigger contributions to the community and compete in new levels to fulfill dreams set aside to focus on current needs. Even married couples anticipate the day children leave home and become independent. Then they will have time to live the life they want.

Pessimistic people look at time and think there is no more time; however, there is always time to work towards fulfilling dreams. There is always time to take an evening class, learn something new, participate in workshops and compete in professional fields whether a charity, contest, vocation or business.

As children we are asked about our futures. It is the beginning of identifying goals. Goals are great and then teen years are over and it becomes important to move out, get a job and date. People might misunderstand and think I never dated. I have dated, lived with men and a few men asked me to marry them. However, I never felt they were the one.

Perhaps I am difficult or have weird standards. Maybe I love the idea of love without wanting conflicting realities of compromise and other downsides of relationships. I never felt prepared, yet I don't know anyone who felt prepared for a serious relationship.

In any situation, that is what happened and I am ready to move onto other goals. Even if not able to fulfill every dream, at least a portion of the dream comes true.

I resent judgmental attitudes. My life is not less important without children. I have accomplished goals and helped several people. Often it was a side-effect of giving advice to friends. I became knowledgeable about raising children when pondering the idea. Now I give advice to other people. Usually, it is great.

Now I am taking natural talents to a grander level through writing and other outlets. It is never too late to begin living and seeing rewards through people doing better, receiving compliments for achievement and knowing what it really feels like.

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