Naomie Christensen: Complications of Picking-Out T-Shirts

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Complications of Picking-Out T-Shirts

Selecting a t-shirt is a complicated issue. There is a line between personal preference, desirable response and actual response. When selecting wording, a person is responsible for the interpretation though readers define the interpretation.

I have difficulty picking out t-shirts. At the store themes interest me, such as: clever statement, provocative humor, cute image and anime. Clever statements are fun. They have a political or social statement. It might encourage people to talk to me and while able to speak on the subject, it does not encompass every belief. It is one broad statement and people will categorize me. If it is environmental they will probably assume I am liberal. I think about environmental issues, yet I am more conservative.

Provocative humor is a mess. Whether controversial or sexual, it is an immediate impression. When making light humor of controversial topics, it might be offensive while assisting in finding people who are calm when addressing serious topics. Light humor is not intended to diminish or create a platform to promote an agenda. Sexual wording should be humorous, yet most people think it implies more, like a desire to have sex or vanity.

Cute images are fun. Who would have a problem with a unicorn running on a rainbow? I wore a t-shirt with a rainbow. People thought I was out-of-the-closet or representing gay rights. It is just a cute image. In addition, people might think the cute image is a sign of rejecting maturity, lacking intelligence or relying on appearance.

Anime t-shirts are similar to band t-shirts. They are desirable because people watch the shows. They watch the shows because they enjoy the concepts. By enjoying the concept they are supporting everything about the show. This is fine. Yet as an adult, there is additional stigma when supporting anything meant for teens. Band t-shirts might be better, yet it has to be the right band; otherwise, sending the incorrect message. I bought band t-shirts in the past and then rarely wear them because I was not anticipating the response.

In the end, I usually select a blank t-shirt. This does not mean I am blank. I might be insecure about controversial topics or judgment. Perhaps I want to avoid conversation. I found there is plenty of diversity with embroidery, tight knit, loose knit, solid prints, floral prints, plaid prints and stripe shirts. It probably says something, yet it is not as blatant.

How does a person pick-out a t-shirt? For a long time I was out-of-touch with my primary learning style. It is auditory, which involves talking to one's self. It is a matter of creativity and the more real it seems results are better, but I don't want to look insane. It is like running a simulation before direct confrontation.

Lately, I decided to select songs to share on YouTube. These songs are thought provoking. Similar to my t-shirt, while thinking of various songs, I begin pondering what people will think and if they will understand it the same way I do. Though thought provoking, underlying themes are realistic while encouraging inspiration. This sounds great, yet honest and abrasive lyrics might interfere with interpretations.

While there are a few personal favorites, there is a difference between personal favorites and song choices. I don't want to embarrass myself. Creating a simulation, I think about auditioning for a network show. I know the songs. It is impossible to sing something I've never heard; however, there is a filter. I know they will be more likely to really listen to less abrasive lyrics that I sing well.

Perhaps one day I will make my own t-shirts. Everyone has a self-expression they know represents themselves, even if simulating a positive or negative criticism to evaluate performance. Even if awkward or lacking every communication an outward identity is comfortable and okay to show everyone else, even strangers.

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