Naomie Christensen: More Adjustments

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Adjustments

You may have seen changes to the website. I felt it was no longer important to have a separate blog for "Film Thespian." Frankly, there is an interest in acting, yet it will probably remain working as a Background Actress in films. Need for a separate blog is not necessary.

Mine Artistic has been changed to "Naomie Christensen." While thinking it was a great name a few years ago and saving it as a Common Law Trademark, it is awkward for a couple reasons. Mines are not the topic of the website. It does not really project what I am selling, though slightly retro because mines have a past setting in Americana, mining is more like sepia photographs.

Another problem, after registering the trademark in a Common Law Database in August 2009, it was about 2011 or 2012 when I noticed another company with the same or similar trademark. It was "Mine Artistic Inc." When something becomes common, it is less effective. After thinking about the issue, the trademark is not exact enough to my product to deal with confusion and other problems around it.

Another blog that will disappear is "Creating Confidence." It was always common, yet I cannot think of a different title. It is the subtitle in many books and in use forever. It is sage. It is public domain. Everyone uses the title. Psychologists, Health Professionals and Speech Therapists love the title on everything. Now I am thinking of placing the blog into my other blogs, unless inspiration hits and sums up everything written for the blog.

There are going to be more changes. I have also registered N. Maries, Just Evil Products, Goth not Carney, KMAYL (Kiss My Ass You Leave), Fluffy Art Conspiracy, Acting 76 and several other trademarks in Common Law Databases, yet they never seem really represent my product.

Just naming the company after myself seems average, yet my name represents me. Perhaps I will leave past trademarks up for debate or vote in the future. It is an issue, yet it is about the quality and service that a company provides to Customers that makes a company successful. The trademark and branding is a method to communicate to what a company represents. Word-of-Mouth advertising is important.

I don't know if it is purposeful or not. It bothered me how another company used the name "Mine Artistic" after I started using it on my website. Even a penny saves the trademark. The challenge was over within a couple weeks of starting the website.

Searching in the browser, it is gone. They probably did not do as well as hoped or changed the trademark. The search produces pictures of mines.

It is difficult starting a new business. I encourage Artists to follow the law. Though internet service is not taxable, the internet is not free from law. There are methods to protect rights when understanding the law. This helps people enjoy the internet and not become victims in an environment; wherein, people it is lawless.

Some laws are important. Register ideas and trademarks in a common law database. Copyright with the copyright office. Register a state tax identification. Pay income taxes.

Common law databases also include traceable time of creation. YouTube videos are not alterable. Even when altered on the website, the original is saved. This provides a date of creation. When you name a website, the time of its creation provides a date of creation. National Registration Service – Online provides a date of creation when registering work through them. It is a backup, because most computer companies maintain records of User activity that predates edits.

As the Original Artist, you will not need to copyright everything. It is your work; however, there are times that it might be a good idea to copyright to solidify protection of ideas when self-publishing.

When selling something directly to the public, you have to pay state taxes. Laws vary from state-to-state; however, it is typical that if a person to sell a regular amount of products personally or through a website pay. A one-time garage sale or selling an old dresser through a website like CraigsList does not need a business license or payment of taxes.

When selling products though Amazon, the same rules apply. A one-time sale does not mean anything. Since Amazon sells the product and has additional fees, it can be considered income. Income has to be declared if it is an ongoing activity and produced more income than $400 a year. Only the Affiliate program is considered a job. They will send a Misc-1099 after making $6,000 in a year, yet total sales between websites is over $400, so pay taxes. Count it as a taxable sale as a Sole-Proprietor.

Some people do not want to pay taxes. They think it is extra paperwork. Taxes are not that high. It also protects your rights. If ever having an issue with a competing company or a misunderstanding, dates and protections under the law are helpful.

It reduces tension in resolving disputes and saves money. It is a good idea to begin practicing payment of taxes in the building a start-up business. Making $1,000 a year does not cause a feud over money. It is a safe beginning period. After making reasonable income, there can be ongoing problems. It is more difficult to make alteration to branding and other issues are more costly.

To me it is like training. I do not do it everyday, yet there should be a few hours every month to increase knowledge through online training facilities. There is more leeway, so keeping track of receipts of purchases and sales is more important. I am still learning how to do that. I got a scanner for Christmas a few years ago. Gifts are non-taxable.

While writing this article, I have another question. I am wondering if Amazon removes taxes from sales. If they do not, then I have to pay state taxes on sales from last year. That will make my grand total higher, yet they do not have an option to add tax. I do not have enough sales to justify getting the monthly upgrade. Can I claim the amount of the sale and remove tax from the total?

I am almost sure Google is income. It is time to read more of the State Tax and Amazon website. Even though earning income to declare last year, it was only thousands. There is no overwhelming time crunch to get it done. Sometime this year or up to three years is good enough. However, if I made fifty thousand dollars last year, it is only a matter of time before audits. Strangely, it is still about three years before the Internal Revenue Service becomes serious about taxes. Not paying taxes would be costly and probably an awful time. Even governments audits are not scary. They only want the money you owe.

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