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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Days of Week (Wallpaper)

Taking awhile to complete this series, it is easier to write with practice. A few years ago, blogs took awhile to write. Now I have time to do more and happy about not creating an overwhelming schedule.

This new series is generically titled "Days of Week." It is not a pun, though a pun is appropriate in explaining the overall piece. It is seven unique designs for each day of the week and then a layout to encompass the entire week.

Slightly controversial, everything I draw or write has a controversial outcome. Getting better at controlling what is being said, there are a few topical aspects.

Each design, for each day, represents the actual interpretation of a day. Each day represents the day one of the Gods was devoured by the Wolf Fenrir. Saturn for Cronus, Moon for Luna, Tues for Tiw, Wednes for Odin, Thurs for Thor, Fri for Freitag and Sun for life on earth. Sunday is also the day of resurrection. Saturday and Monday express Roman influence with reference to Latin Deities.

An astute Occultists might believe Saturday should be on the top left because Cronus is representative of God. Some believe Odin is God; however, Cronus is Odin's Father. Saturn is Jupiter's Father.

I use star symbols for God's in several of designs. Signs for Saturn and Jupiter are prominent; ergo, God is throughout the full series. In addition, calendars frequently start with Sunday and end with Saturday. Visually, it looks normal to people.

In a recipe, salt and seasoning is first first on a list. The meat, main purpose of the recipe, is last on a list. In Tao and several older religions, the placement at the bottom is the most important part of the picture. For example the Root Chakra is the main Chakra. Everything else is built upon it.

There is also the issue of conclusions to an essay or thesis. There are several arguments and evidence to support a thought that eventually combine into the grander statement.

Friday is a linking thought. Freitag is the God of marriage. Freitag is also a God of War. Respectively, the idea is of conservative living and living in a community. The war is a civil dispute amongst people, not really war with tons of bloodshed. The images are of a couple in marriage and a battle. Though battle orientation, it is a fuller picture of truly knowing another person.

This orientation of community and conservative lifestyle is present in all the designs with the linking conclusion of freedom on Saturday. Working in offices most of my life, I am aware of the other symbols. Wednesday is often called, "hump day." It is the middle of a work week. It is the day an Employee feels lively, stops by the banks, thinks about paying bills, calls friends, begins making plans and several activities because another week is almost complete.

Each day has a unique spirit. It is almost repetitive even when days-off are not the same and even when the work week end on Wednesday. Maybe it is because of social impact, yet even when celebrating Sabbath on different days, there is a feeling that makes days feel like the wrong day. How would that be possible unless each day felt like something specific?

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