Naomie Christensen: Women's Acting Makeup

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Women's Acting Makeup

Practicing new makeup techniques by watching videos or trying to look like women in magazines is a worthwhile activity. Sometimes a model has to apply her makeup. In auditions less is more. Women's acting makeup is similar to men's makeup. Use neutral tones to enhance natural features and warm skin tone with a slightly darker powder over foundation. However, women are expected to have makeup expertise.

Know your season to find clothing and eye shadow. Women are allowed to sparkle. Shimmer eye shadow and lip gloss is acceptable. Lip gloss is better than lipstick. Shades of brown look better on camera and avoid orange or pink. Use blush sparingly. Blush is applied an inch below the eye in a triangular shape with the point on the apple of the cheek. It is applied lightly with a blush brush starting at the hairline. It is soft and wispy so it is not very visible.

Producers and directors want to see a person's features. Yet, cameras are unforgiving. Most auditions are filmed on video camera, so it is important to look photogenic. If someone lands a lead, supporting cast or modeling job a makeup artist applies makeup. If an actress is an extra, they are not the star and should blend into the background. If a model is expected to apply her makeup, the director wants a natural appearance.

Many women are confused about how much makeup to wear. People who follow trends may learn the latest makeup tips and tricks. While this is their normal look, it might be too much for an audition. People who do not know how to wear makeup should learn how to apply simple foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow pencil.

Regular maintenance includes plucking eyebrows. No one is interested in a uni-brow. If unsure of how to shape eyebrows find a picture of an attractive shape and go to a hairstylist. Most hairstylists know how to wax eyebrows. They may offer tips and remember to T.I.P, because starting from scratch and advice is above the required service.

Other maintenance involves tanning and applying lotion so skin is taut yet soft. Anyone wanting to make money based on appearance should invest time in how they look. Looking great does not have to cost a lot; however, the tradeoff for money is time to learn inexpensive cleansing facials, dying hair and plucking eyebrows. Often famous actresses and models wear inexpensive makeup; otherwise, a personal maintenance budget would be huge.

It may seem unkind to expect women to know how to wear makeup. However, there are several resources for women in the form of personal help at cosmetic counters, magazines, books, websites and other women. Finding out about women's makeup and skin care is as easy as turning on the television.

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