Naomie Christensen: Twelve Hundredths of a Percent

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Twelve Hundredths of a Percent

A person might never try if they focus on how tough it is to "make it" in acting. Looking at numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and U.S. Census Bureau to gain a realistic idea of what is happening in the Entertainment Industry it is grim.

The 2010 Census reveals there are over 308,745,000 people living in the United States; however, the U.S. Bureau of Labor reveals there are over 130,647,000 people working in the United States. People confuse these numbers. Children, Retirees, Students, House Wives and various people do not seek work or contribute to vocational competition.

Focusing on Actors and Media Announcers, which is around 150,500, only 0.12% of the working population has this type of employment. This is less than a quarter of one percent of available jobs; however, there are additional facts surrounding the issue. When focusing on television and film, including, Producers, Directors, Broadcasters and Crew there are over 401,250 jobs available. This is 0.30% of the working population.

It appear working in Entertainment is impossible for average people. In fact, people might believe Entertainment is growing in popularity; however, it matured around 2005 to 2007. Statistics found on the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis website reveal actors are making more money though fewer actors are successful.

Roughly 40% of the population is extroverted. Managers, Businesspeople, Social Workers, Personal Care Assistants, Salespeople and Office Support, supply approximately 55,330,000 jobs. This is approximately 40% job opportunities for extroverts. Writers are considered entertainers and usually not extroverted. In addition, while non-entertainment related vocations are primarily for introverts there are jobs for extroverts in other industries.

What does this imply for those wanting to be actors? If that is what you want and nothing else is appealing, it is extremely competitive. Find a method of succeeding. Listen to people who became successful recently. Someone might have a diverse group of friends. Some people rely on a unique look. Extroverts in less competitive industries think looking like someone else is an advantage. It is not. Several actors and actresses look similar enough people assume they are someone else. Producers and Directors will hire the person they are already familiar with not the person they saw in another film.

People want to look different in some way. While Acting is orientated towards thin people, there are successful, well-groomed people of various body types to represent everyone living in the United States. When I was younger, everyone would "fix" freckles, beauty marks and crooked teeth. Now, unique markings are a method of being different amongst several people with similar features. In addition, a trend is to be approachable and like a "normal" person, in-other-words, appeal to the audience on another level besides social hierarchy and sex appeal.

There are additional methods of becoming a person, not someone who looks like a person. Having nice hair, great tan and photogenic beauty is mandatory, inclinations towards specific genres, hobbies and interests define personality. A person becomes a person working on sets as an Independent Artist, Musicians, Crew Technician or Writer. Having interests also defines a person as being better in a role, because they do not have to "try-as-hard" to understand motivational aspects of a character.

Being attractive is great. Taking acting classes is great and several careers work together. A person learns to act and read scripts. If unable to earn a living as an actor, memorizing information, stats and believable delivery is an asset to Salespeople. Music, art and writing are excellent training for several vocations. No one wants less; however, knowing it is not an irreversible decision allows everyone to take chances.

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