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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Page Stopper

The goal for marketing and graphic design is for people to stop turning the pages in a magazine to look at advertisements or watch their commercial. Marketers found many ways to make people look at ads. Lately ads are formed like an editorial or article page. People by magazines to read articles; therefore, this confuses the reader into reading about their product. It is the job of a model or actor in commercial spots to get people to stop and look at the page.

There are many ways to do this in relation products. Flip through a magazine and figure out what pages makes you look. Do they captivate with personality? Do they look editorial or like a segment on style? Do they stunning or capture attention with a haunting gaze?

Use this input as a comparison when forming a personal look at home with a camera. Many tips are available. One tip involves gazing at a fixed object. This clarifies the eyes with purpose and intensity. Another tip is to practice different emotions. Having a wide array of emotions allows Artistic Directors to pick the emotion they want associated to the product.

This brings about one of the best tips. Models are filmed in photo shoots. They take several pictures so change your look every three to five shots. Improve the look and then completely change. For example, start with a superhero look with steely eyes. Angle the body in conjunction to the photo lens. Improve hands by lengthening the fingers. Tilt head back creating a gaze to the heavens and then unclench the jaw to make the image softer. Now completely change direction into a softer, sexy pose and repeat the process.

It is always a good idea to produce options. Having diversity improves chances of getting an awesome picture. Often we don't know what we look like so between workable, average and awful pictures, the art director only has to have one awesome picture. Remember it is your reputation on the line. They will use whatever they have available. Either it will defy the mainstream, average opinion or not.

This principle is the same in acting; however, the director only wants to retake the same scene around three times. That is only three times to portray an appropriate emotion in conjunction with everyone else in the scene and look good while doing it. Lead and supporting actors in a television series and motion pictures have more opportunity to be intense. Notice how all the greatest actors have a look. They usually have captivating personalities that come off of the screen. In every situation, "They are here."

This is the concept behind the last tip. When in front of a camera think, "I am here." This does not imply a mean or aggressive persona. Whatever you are portraying remove the camera from your mind, and be in the moment. Bring personal experience to film. Think about sitting on a dock, there is a quiet introspective moment followed by a bigger moment of epiphany or seeing a friend. That moment of being present is what captures people's attention.

As a person entering modeling or acting, commercials will be amongst the first big jobs. Not only does stopping the page apply to commercials it is important to producers and directors. They want to hire people who intrigue and keep audiences watching.

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