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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Online Journal

The proving ground for acting is getting jobs. This blog is about mastering auditions and industry standards. I became interested in modeling and acting as a teen. After going to workshops for catwalk, make-up, hair and commercials I was in a few local hair shows.

Due to anxiety, the whole point and purpose to modeling lost out in my mind; because the common understanding is artistic industries are competitive and will never produce a living salary. It was a big mistake calling in sick to a fashion show in Park City. After attempting to have regular jobs, it wasn't until taking personality and interest tests I realized acting might be the best type of work for me, even if only making a living, the number one job for artists was reduced to clown.

It is true. I love being out in front of people and don't mind if I embarrass myself. Since then I have been a background actor in several movies: "Taking 5," "Animals" and others. I have also secured a coupling acting roles. One includes the hero's cousin in "Quest of the Warrior Gyrl Alliance." It is an independent movie. I am part of the comic relief.

Seems late in life to completely change career paths. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and could easily find a job working fifty hour weeks. Part of the dilemma is choosing between long term satisfaction and money. Overtime, my motivations are less divided, though spending time on multiple projects. Potentially spending a fifty hour week creating art and writing while practicing acting, it feels real and utilizing my life with purpose.

I get to make my own hours. Acting isn't about verifying attractiveness. The greater portion of actors and actresses in commercials, sitcoms and movies are normal looking relatable people. The talent is being comfortable in front of a camera and realistically portraying characters. It is aggravating when individuals talk about having to be gorgeous. There is a chance personality is the key factor, because everyone is attractive in some way.

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