Naomie Christensen: Millionaire Complex

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Millionaire Complex

Competition is an issue in acting and modeling. A decade ago talent scouts wandered streets to find attractive actors or models. After pay scales were made public and everyone found out celebrities could earn millions of dollars the dream of becoming famous overrides the statistical facts of only one-in-millions secure this much money for a single role.

People are flooding the industry, making statistics so only one-in-thousands make a living as entertainers. Yet people keep trying to essentially win a lottery. Realistically, there are people in the world whose only hope, dream and reality is to become an entertainer. They realize their niche and importance of becoming and actor.

There is a limited number of people with "it" and they don't care if they make a million dollars or a living, because there is nothing in the world as satisfying as being in front of a large crowd. Other people only understand the importance of leadership. They must spread a message. Hopefully, the message is socially accepted; however, if the message is taboo conviction is added to spreading the message to everyone.

Either of these factors and sometimes a combination of both is what makes a person willing to suffer through peaks and lulls of establishing a reputation. Knowing they are satisfied with earning a living makes the goal reachable.

Everyone wants to be a millionaire. There are many paths to fortune. Everyone wants to be special and someone important. It is our own interpretation of life establishing the feasibility of any vocation. People who should not be entertainers are easily identified. They are the ones who have reasons for why other vocations are more important.

Frequently people who should be entertainers are already defeated by those who offer detriments to others attempting to succeed and spread pessimism like a virus. Soon everyone is questioning everyone else, claiming they will never make it until people with credentials, talent and motivation are questioning themselves.

Another detriment is another type of person who has to sell products to make dreams come true. Then question of paying to participate becomes and issue. Considering how many people want to be famous, there is an open market for selling education and skills. Most trainers and managers found they can eliminate people who give up at the first sign of rejection by charging nominal amounts and fees for service.

The days of having everything paid for have disappeared. It is not only a matter of how much faith others have in you. It is how much faith you have in yourself. The negativity of those seeking millions will never understand and that is why they do not have "it." Pursue the vocation with desirable aspects.

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