Naomie Christensen: Men's Makeup

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Men's Makeup

Surprisingly male models and actors wear makeup. Makeup helps the skin look smooth and adds definition while looking natural. Eye shadow, blush and mascara are eliminated from the typical actor's bag.

Liquid and powder foundation starts the makeover. Liquid and powder foundation a shade darker than their natural tone creates a "sunburst" affect. Usually men match their skin tone or go darker. Going lighter creates a feminine porcelain look. Sometimes looking pasty is appropriate for horror movies; however, tan is better. A tan look can also be achieved with foundation that is a shade darker. Powder foundation with simmer adds an additional glossy, sweaty masculine look.

High Definition is growing in popularity. Powder foundation is becoming the larger preference, because it blends better without being noticeable. Also powder doesn't create an ugly crease or discolor freckles that are noticeable with better graphic technology.

After applying foundation, apply light or dark brown eyeliner to outline eyes and redefine the eyebrows. Smudge the eyeliner with a q-tip so it isn't as noticeable and use an eyebrow brush to create an artistic definition to the eyebrows.

Lastly apply a matte lipstick that matches natural lip color. Some men let their lips fade away with the foundation. However, male models should invest in lipstick. It isn't a cosmetic bought in department stores. It is found in costume and theatrical stores.

Blush and mascara are optional. No one really cares if a man has rosy cheeks. However, if used make sure it looks natural. It should also be a brownish over pink tint and in a matte. It is applied across the top of the cheek bones. Clear mascara is best. Avoid black mascara and use dark brown with dark hair and brown mascara with lighter hair.

This is all a male model or actor needs to become more photogenic. It would probably be appropriate to wear makeup to auditions in case they want to film the audition. Foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and blush are great. Yet there is no substitute for a real tan.

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