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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Entertaining Weight

Entertainers have unique standards. As they say in show business, "The camera adds 10 pounds." Therefore, the ideal weight is 10 to 15 pounds less than an ideal weight.

Creating Confidence "Active Person's Consumption" refers to methods of finding the appropriate weight for healthy, active adults. We find our ideal weight and then use this number in the Calorie Counter to find an approximate daily amount of calories. As an adult women, who is 5'8" my ideal weight is 163 lbs. This is okay for feeling good and energetic. However, to find the approximate amount of calories for being screen ready I will enter 148 or 153 into the Calorie Counter.

It recommends consuming 1,956 calories a day to achieve a weight of 163 with light activity. It is 1,871 for 148 and 1,899 for 153. There is only a difference of 85 calories in this example; however, it compounds over time. Some people may want a lower weight; except, there is more to being and entertainer than being extremely thin.

Delivering a believable and accurate performance involves focus and skill. Frazzled and focused do not mix. A common method in taking tests is to eat snacks while studying, get a full night of rest the night before the test and eat a heavy breakfast before going to school. This allows the mind to relax and stay focused on immediate tasks.

Every time an entertainer goes on stage or in front of a camera they are being tested. Some people fool themselves into believing the "butterflies" in their stomach gives them extra courage and persona. After pursuing unhealthy activities for years it becomes difficult to control the butterflies and they become "nerves."

It really isn't so much "nerves" as forcing the body into a survival mode that creates a fuzzy feeling. This is distracting, becomes difficult to control and it is easy to lose focus. Most entertainers are constantly in a starvation state. It is difficult knowing exactly when a person is overly exaggerating a situation and creating a negative impression.

At least being aware of how many calories should be consumed relieves a tendency towards anorexia or bulimia. One way to interpret results from the Calorie Calculator is in understanding metabolism. A teenager has a high metabolism. They have a usual workout ranging from watching television to joining an athletic club. When they workout more than usual they experience food cravings within a 24 hour period.

Children and teenagers have a natural instinct telling them what food they crave and how much they want to eat. It is difficult summarizing their activities into a standard format. I really haven't read a study with the approximate calorie usage of playing tag and overreacting to a friend or sibling. People want to quantify everything by overfeeding children because they are "growing" or under feeding them because they are unaware of how much they do each day.

In these cases, it is appropriate to make good sized meals and see how much they eat. If wanting more, they need larger portions. If feeling full before completing the meal, make smaller portions. Make snack foods available at home. Snacks do not equal sugar. As a teen I had spontaneous cravings for green beans. Of course, I would have to eaten green beans to crave them.

Adult metabolism is slower. It is easier to quantify daily activities. There is a mandatory routine with few exceptions. This also makes is easier to figure out how many calories to consume on average. Look at the treadmill and observe how many miles were walked and calories burned. Hopefully, natural instincts still work on some level. Most people train the mind to block cravings by adulthood. Keep healthy snacks around and wait an hour after eating to notice if you're still hungry. Also avoid energy drinks with caffeine as a main ingredient. Caffeine inhibits the body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C. Caffeine is okay. The rule-of-thumb is to wait and hour before or after consuming a large amount of caffeine before eating or taking vitamins.

Mathematical solutions appeal to logic and are easier to maintain. This method assists everyone in identifying whether they are under eating or overeating. Be kind to your body, and it will be kind to you. It is difficult resisting past techniques that were successful. It is possible eating well most of the time and skipping breakfast assists performance. It stops working when there is a performance every day. Maintain health to avoid potentially irreversible failings.

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