Naomie Christensen: Despite What They Say

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Despite What They Say

Acting, Modeling, Broadcasting and realistically any vocation in public spotlight creates a complex social arena. Chances are someone will call you a, "show-off," "conceited," "vain," or any number of negative, judgmental names. However, as an Entertainer showing off is a part of the job. How does anyone ever wittiness talent or beauty is it is hidden?

There are many methods to handle these types of personal attacks. With personal experience, I have a handful of methods and thoughts to continue working on developing a reputation and resume. In the real world reputation and resume relate to successfully getting jobs whether print, runway or even a steady online presence.

All of these fields are competitive. There will always be someone who is more attractive, experienced or skilled. This is something regular people who have never tried to act in shows, sell a book or organize a petition understand even though they do. Common sentiment is successful people are successful; therefore, do not equate competition in their own profession as similar levels of acuity when engrossed in a community of equals.

One of the methods I employ was developed through a person dedication to passivism and to exhaust all options besides violence with an exception to immediate self-defense. Violence should always be the last option. Violence often proves the intellectual debate is faulty; yet walking away from every situation is safe and also limits opportunities. There is a middle ground between gut reaction and understanding.

Something to understand is people become adamant when defending a person. There is no reason they should feel awful about calling someone names or attempting to put them in their place because they are protecting someone from emotional or financial harm. Sometimes they imagine the worst scenario. In their mind they are not being rude, a bully or judgmental. They are protecting a nice person from harm; ergo, they are really saying, "You are a nice person." This is not a rude statement, even though it sounds rude.

Another realm of gossip comes from competition or anger about issues not directly involving a person. Instead, part of the Entertainers vocation is a figurehead. As a figurehead everyone has an opinion about how another person should live, yet they do not want anyone tell them how to live. As a figurehead it is important to stay firm on values and presentation, because the people who look up to figureheads already have a life, opinions, way-of-life and values. They are not likely to change because of a famous person. Instead, success of the figurehead validates themselves. We find similarities and differences between ourselves and successful people. We chose to appreciate similarities and justifications and do not change.

One of the biggest deterrents to being outgoing, talkative, friendly and competitive is gossip. It is painful to hear old friends and acquaintances share the most embarrassing moments of your life with strangers. People will makeup stories or transfer an embarrassing story about someone else to you to participate in conversation. Not only is it embarrassing, it affects new relationships. If a stranger believes a lie, they might think they are making a great first impression when they are embarrassing themselves.

Embarrassment and defensiveness are a couple of the plethora of emotions that collapse potential friendship or adoration. Generating a network and fans is massively important to success. If the rumor is threatening enough it might cause real emotional or physical harm. The rumor must stop. Most of the time, I will leave and not contact the person ever again. The threat is so intense all I want to do is create distance so they cannot harm me.

Overtime, rumors grow. The best action is to address the rumor so it can be dismissed, yet people who know they know everything do not listen even when shouting at the top of your lungs; ergo, show through actions that the rumor is false and avoid a "scene."

In the end, anytime anyone meets someone and gossips about me it is because I am the person everyone heard about. Anytime someone relays an old story about me it is because someone else asked them about me. Twisted, this type of storytelling, gossip or exaggeration is a sign I am actively making an impression and becoming more popular and capable to work in a public spotlight. I gaze and shrug to avoid aggravating circumstances. Attractiveness is a section of the equation. Being able to perform and audition despite so much negativity is the real talent.

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