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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Acting Tip

Acting is a tough business shrouded in myth. All myths have an underlying truth. It is important to conceptualize the business structure. Separating truth and myth is a crucial to developing a successful strategy.

One of the best resources is talking to fellow actors. They are able to describe realistic situations. Advice is free and unique, because it relates to real experiences. They are not selling products or regurgitating lines from a textbook.

Television paints a lingering and unbalanced picture. It seems like people wake up one day to make 45 million in a block buster movie. Real life is full of ups and downs. People become famous based on previous work that hardly anyone sees or remembers. The Olsen twins worked in baby commercials before landing a job on Full House. Keanu Reeves took whatever job he could get until his break out role in "My Own Private Idaho." Now he is mostly associated with "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Another huge mistake people make is spending too much money or not enough money when starting their career. People are forewarned of the evil acting and modeling schools who promise success. It is true though. People need training in order to get high paying jobs; however, education does not guarantee success or correctly assess a person's ability. Schools teach everyone. Similar to going to a school of etiquette curriculum enhances any person's life. Training is important. Sometimes have an onsite booking agent. They can promise you will get a job. They can't promise you will make more money than you spent on training.

One of the major myths ending people's careers is, "If they had real talent they wouldn't need training." This is a huge mistake, because even with talent, additional training is mandatory. How do you know you have talent?

Booking agencies and websites have a minimal fee to use listings. Listings are important to finding auditions. Listings are also found on free websites. Directors and producers are only trying to make money through their body of work. They want people with talent. If they hire you, and you do well, you have talent. Acting might be a career. Take an inexpensive workshop related to basic acting. This is a minimal investment to figure out if you have, "it."

On-line listings are better than booking agencies. Booking agencies are not managers. They pretend to be managers and audition potential actors. They favor people and if you lose favor they send listings, but stop forwarding resumes to directors. One booking agency claiming to be talent management took away a lead I gained through another source. When the director called to book me they set up an open call. Instead of, booking me, someone else got the part. This was only one atrocity. You are better off on your own or paying $10 a month for internet lists. It provides a direct connection between you and Director.

Now that you have gained experience, attended acting workshops or taken college classes, it is time to get a manager. Managers only deal with people who already have everything, since they make money when their talent is booked. They host auditions in order to be a part of the team. Often getting a real manager is a challenge within itself. Do not get deterred. It is a lengthy process.

Often myths bring people down. They give up because of the intrigue around scams and negative feedback from family and friends. The fantastic world of acting has to be placed into realistic terms. It doesn't depend on "the look," or "it factor." It takes strategy and utilizing all available tools.

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