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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Things to Think About

I was wandering around the house, thinking about smoking cigarettes and my latest posts. They are not really "latest" posts, yet they are new during the past year.

Writing and making videos is an excellent method of analyzing thoughts. I recommend it to anyone. Clarifying thoughts is productive and why several people enjoy writing and performance even when knowing their ability to accomplish professional levels of refinement is extremely difficult.

Before continuing this path of logic, my new excellent idea is taking multivitamins will increase my ability to stop smoking. Already smoking my body is aware there is something in cigarettes that is healthy. Unfortunately, there are also poisons in cigarettes. Cigarettes will lessen a lifespan by a few years. I am willing to risk discomfort for whatever is missing in my diet.

There was a discussion in one of my videos about the illogical thought nicotine, poison, is the addictive part of cigarettes. Smoke cigarettes if having a problem with huffing, poisons or even nicotine patches.

Addiction is like eating pecans. In small amounts pecans are harmless. Raw pecans in large amounts cause an allergic reactions in most people, meaning they are poisonous. After toasting, they are safe to eat in large quantities.

Several foods, in its raw form, are dangerous to people. The tobacco in cigarettes is processed to a level that is safe for consumption. The interesting function of smoking is blocking pathogens from entering the lungs or regulating metabolism. Fungi like Old Man's Beard do not cure an addiction to smoking though seeming to serve a similar function. Whatever is in cigarettes is probably one of a limited number of methods to gain nutrition from something overlooked or processed out of normal foods.

Whatever this is, it is probably a vitamin or mineral. I remember, a few years ago, taking multivitamins. It was almost easy to quit smoking. I stopped taking multivitamins and started smoking. After smoking again, I tried a variety of obvious methods of stopping smoking. They did not work. Realizing the change in diet, though a shotgun approach to finding the right vitamin or mineral, I will take a multivitamin once a day to see if there is a change in how frequently I want to smoke. If there is a change the nutritional part of tobacco is found in cigarettes, nicotine patches and multivitamins.

That would be a great scientific study. Truthfully, I do not want to be weighed down with the monotonous activity associated to real science. It is easier to write a blog or make observations while someone else does the work.

I have always wanted to be an Artist or a Scientist. At a young age it was difficult determining which one would be better. At age 5, everyone colors in coloring books. Some Kids color in the lines. Others Kids do not. Another student and I could color in the lines. As a Gifted Child, art was positively reinforced. Other Kids were better at grades.

Growing up, positive reinforcement creates a desire to do more of the same. It is natural. After coloring, it was time to cut out pieces of paper and stick them to things. They needed kids for a choir; it sounded fun. It was time to learn how to play an instrument at age 10. The English Teacher loved my journal entries for class. The museum kept my drawing for future reference to all Youth Artists.

An endless amount of experience and fun, while I was doing it. It was important for me to make the PowerPoint Presentations in college. Since then I have worked as a Volunteer at a radio station, been a runway model, worked in art groups, been a Background Actress in over 10 films, been a Day Player in two Independent films, was on television, created my own websites, wrote a blog, wrote two books, placed in several poetry competitions, composed an independent music compact disc and several others things; in addition to, regular work at a pizza place, office and customer service while going to school and regularly studying. It is easy to try something different when in relation to art.

For the other idea of career, I did well in Human Biology and Math. I worked as a Data Processor for a few years. A couple of those jobs were entering data for laboratories. I have excellent typing skills and sustainable ability to accomplish high levels of accuracy.

It is sad. The latent tests if science would be a better field of study went well; except, it is monotonous. There really isn't anything saying it would have been a failure if beginning at an earlier age.

It is not anything to worry about. Artistic outlets were slightly better for much longer periods of time. There is a measurable winner when deciding what to do.

There is a stigma against Artists. People say there are not enough jobs and would say the scientific career is more rewarding. This is not true. For as many Celebrities in Hollywood or Picassos, there is another level of jobs that is abundant. For as many Nobel Prize Winner and Einsteins, there is another level of jobs that is abundant.

Wanting to be a Fine Artist or Gallery Owner is the hyper competitive level of art. There are few jobs and a lot of people want these jobs. However, art is everywhere. There is art in costumes, set designs, soundtracks, print campaign ads, photos for advertisements, jingles, animation, typography, illustration, web design, printing and the color of a couch.

My experience with working in art groups is people know they are Artists, yet do not know how to get jobs or make money as Artists. Art is a mysterious career to most people. They want to shoot for the most obvious example. The Artist that is famous. They do not realize Famous Artists worked toward the goal consciously or unconsciously for a long time.

KinKade worked as an Animator on "Fire and Ice" and stated the experience is what helped him become a Famous Living Artist. He was not the Art Director. He did not create the storyboard. He was one of hundreds of Animators.

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