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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Another image for "cute animals" is available on my Cafe Press website. Cute animals was formerly called "Pocket Watch." While Pocket Watch is an effective name for the series; cute animals is more generic and sells better.

Thinking it would be fun to make the images available as wallpapers, here is the series.

There will be more images for the series. Aquatic animals or insects will be next. I am not sure how many animals will be added to the series, yet they will all be cute.

It is fun making caricatures. I enjoy art and glad about drawing again. First going to college for graphic design it was exhausting thinking of new drawings assignments on a deadline. I began to lose an interest in art. An artistic outlet for inspiration is great. After so long another idea comes to mind. It takes some time to sit down and make a sketch.

Remembering the initial year, abstract expressionism was interesting. In graphic design, the most important skill is typography. It seems odd, yet becoming a Fine Artist would take years of school. Instead, I got a degree in business. A fine art degree is agreeable, yet concept is important. Concept comes from life experience and education.

It is possible to study topics by reading a book or involvement in community activities. With an art degree, I would learn about clarifying lines and symbolic meanings.

Wanting to be unique Escher, Picasso and Crumb are inspirational. Escher was involved in a political movement and Picasso earned an art degree. I have a lot of respect for Cartoonists. Dismissing Picasso's biography, Escher got a degree in architecture and became a Professor of Geology. He had life experience. It is possible to have talent. Concept is the driving force behind artwork.

After several years of looking around and experiencing life, everything is becoming clear. I remember wanting to do a twist on the Fool in Tarot. It should show an adventure, yet it still portrayed someone who might fall off a cliff. That was in high school. After several years of life experience, I think it is possible to make modifications to depict the concept.

Several people believe they know the only right answer; however, several people solve the puzzle. Some find outer pieces and fill it in to the center. Some find identifiable image and add pieces until solving the outer edge. Some fit pieces together and small groups become larger until it is a complete picture. There is really no solid method to success.

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