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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Too Much Isolation

I am thinking about starting a dream journal. It always seems like the best ideas happen when laying around in bed, either falling asleep or waking up.

I have been playing online games. It is keeping me from doing anything. Even now, while trying to write a new blog, someone is trying to contact me on video chat.

There is a difference between feeling like you are doing something and actually doing something. I could watch television for hours, yet watching television doesn't pay my bills; however, it is a good idea to moderate stress with activities.

Attempting to make working at home on the computer (WAHA) work, there are new issues in the new industry of internet. I will admit internet computing has limits. I cannot wear code or travel across town on HTML. To a lesser extent that is possible, yet even if ordering groceries online someone with a car or bicycle delivers food.

Internet connects people to other people. There will always be a place for mining and manufacturing. There will also always be a place for people to actually see and talk to each other.

Thinking about Goth Culture, most music is promoted through dance clubs and bars. That is probably one of the primary methods of advertising. There is a social outlet to talk to people face-to-face. It is important to talk to people. Internet kind of does this, yet working out of my home it is clear there are not too many people with internet jobs. They wonder if I am in High School, College or Unemployed.

It is nice working at home. It reduces a need for transportation and I do not have print out reports as part of my job. Unfortunately, everything in life blends into one outlet.

It is entertainment, work and everything else. As time goes by, I wonder if it should be better. Maybe I should setup different areas of the house to create a psychological difference between work and play.

Lately I've been hanging around in bed. I had a great idea this morning, yet logged in and started playing an online game. Now I don't remember it. I will remember it later if it was a good idea.

There are problems working at home. This is not my first work-at-home job. Call Centers are experimenting with WAHA. You go to an office for training. You need an internet connection and monitor. The company provides a computer with all of their information. They can update the computer remotely. If there is a problem, an office is close, it is possible to get a replacement.

I specialize in tech stuff like cell phones and satellite. That does not mean I know how to use your phone. I could probably fix it though. It is weird, because it is like being on the edges of technology and then going off into an even more advance technology, yet no one really knows what will happen. It has frequent criticism.

I like the internet and more companies are experimenting with it everyday. If it can be done through the internet; it will be done at home. Nothing replaces the local boutique, yet it might be nice reduce office space to a few rooms so offices are all over the country. Not just the United States. All countries across the world could provide more jobs across greater expanses of territory.

I worked at a technician routing company briefly. They already had Dispatchers on computer. They would send faxes and e-mails to arrange appointments, yet Technicians never visited the office. I imagine they occasionally went to the office for supplies, yet not one Technician entered the office for over a week.

People are disjointed by the idea of internet jobs and computing. There is no reason a person has to go to an office, yet Employees need to make enough money to own a home and buy food. It is also important to buy computer, internet and tech stuff to keep a job. Employees are probably the largest expense of any business. Employees are almost always represent the largest percentage of production.

There is also the issue of seeming professional. People do not like the idea of talking to someone about professional on-goings like unlocking their phone pad or moving service to a new phone with someone hanging around in bed, listening to music while wearing pajamas. I like idea, yet most people would say it is subprofessional.

I thought of a couple solutions. Walk around in suits so people believe that is what you are wearing all-of-the-time. It is also possible to use video chat. Consumers sees the person they are talking to and know what Employees are doing; except, most Call Center Employees are unattractive. That's why a lot of people want those jobs. They don't have to cut their hair or reduce acne to talk on the phone. It is already bothersome wearing clean clothes, shirts with sleeves, dresses over legging and no jeans.

Perhaps there is too much of a separation between the ideals of society with starched shirts and the relaxed society of computing with t-shirts. One of the Coders for a large company spoke to us one day at school. He had longish hair and wore an attractive sweater. It had peach and light blue stripes. He virtually created Visual Basic as a major contributor to the project.

These are the things on my mind. Trying to think of good ways to make it all work and fit together. It would be great for the environment if more Employees work at home. I want the venture to be successful. It is awkward, even Think Tanks of many years ago were trying to find solutions to the problem of not having as much physical interactions with other Employees. Video is a good attempt at making people feel like they belong to a community. I do not think the problems are too perplexing. It will take awhile to make everything work together.

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