Naomie Christensen: Thoughts about Guns

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thoughts about Guns

My family practices an anti-gun lifestyle, yet supports rights to own guns. As I mature the idea of becoming the person protecting my own rights has appeal. Even beyond the ideal of freestanding militias, there is a functional ideal that if someone was threatening another person with a gun someone else should have a gun to protect the people who are in danger.

Years of supporting rights to own guns in the United States, politically, it I should own a gun. I think maybe in ten years I might buy a gun. I have never owned a gun despite enrolling in a riffle class as a preteen. The Bronze Winner of the Olympic Woman's Marksmanship Competitions was coached at the same shooting range. The Coach was looking for the next Olympic Medalist.

During the day the shooting range was part of an academy. During the evening several young men and women were practicing for upcoming tournaments. He supplied all the guns. Despite common perception, it is completely possible to learn how to use a gun without owning a gun.

I was naturally talented at marksmanship. In my first and only competition I was third place and first place girl. It was a coed event. This was great and they wanted me to take more classes and potentially buy a riffle. This was much better than archery. If archery was a competition of who gets the arrow closest to the target without making contact, I would be a phenomenon.

There are not too many Woman Sharpshooters. Between a talent to develop and fewer competitors there is a good chance of winning competitions. I will never know though. My Parents never owned guns. I never owned a gun. I never really even think about owning guns.

Lately I've been thinking about it. It probably will not be for another few or several years. Why I should personally own a gun is still a question; except, solidifying a political stance. I would get licensed and join the NRA. Perhaps I would try to get a militia certification through the NRA. It is taking awhile to decide on a first gun.

It would be small. Either a pistol or riffle. I think about getting a concealed weapons permit, yet I haven't been in a fight in years. I haven't witnessed anything more than a traffic accident. It seems silly to carry a gun for no reason. I would know it is there if needed, yet it is never needed.

Seriously, even when having a conflict that might become a fight or reason to use pepper spray, I talk my way out of it. Leaving the situation, there wasn't even a need to hit anyone let alone pull out a weapon. Carrying a gun seems pointless. Without any substantial proof of anything and not really getting it for any particular reason, I might be a better person for owning a concealed weapon. I would probably be reluctant to use a gun unless the situation demands action.

Next is the idea of getting a pellet gun. I have frequently thought about hunting. Going hunting could be fun. If there were ever a ground war I could find food. I do not like the idea of shooting squirrels or racoons. Though small game, I do not want to eat squirrels. I have thought about it, but prefer hunting birds. Birds are clean animals. Except for plucking the feathers, bird meat sounds great.

I don't need a large riffle for hunting large game. There was a man in my old neighborhood who went deer hunting every season for a few years. He would have deer for his whole family and turn the rest into jerky. The family got tired of eating jerky and he'd give to anyone who wanted to take it. It was tasty. Realistically, I would probably have trouble eating one duck or one goose.

I will probably go with pellet gun as my first gun. It is similar to a riffle and I might actually use it outside and at a shooting range. It does not really matter, because I do not have any desperate need to go hunting.

It is time to think about owning a gun. I have thought about it frequently whenever the issue of gun control is in the news. I am not anti-gun; therefore, there is nothing wrong with owning a gun. Politically I have always thought it is important to protect everyone's rights.

Protecting minority rights is as important as protecting the rights of the majority. There has to be a compromise where everyone gets along and has access to basic needs for the pursuit of happiness. On this issue, I will move from supporting other people's rights protecting my own lifestyle.

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