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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It is difficult moving. Today I decided to sit down to write a journal entry. Lately there does not seem to be any time. There is time, yet even when sitting down my mind is focusing on getting up and taking care of more things to prepare for moving. I feel frazzled.

Right now I am relaxing and listening to a video while thinking about going downstairs to take boxes out of the closet. I already took down the bed frame, moved out the table and cleaned the floor. Now I should take the paintings down and move the boxes so everything is next to the other stuff. I do not want anything left behind.

I am moving to Texas. My Grandmother is moving to a senior village on the other side of town. She asked me to sell a few of her things because I am selling my things. At first I was thinking selling everything before moving was a useless idea, yet it is turning out well. I've already sold one of her dressers and now she wants me to sell two more chairs. I might bother with attaching a link to this article briefly. I probably won't. It should be sold locally. I don't like messing with shipping.

I have already sold off my major furniture. That is the most difficult to transport, yet there is more to sell. I am not selling everything. There are some things that are immediately important like my laptop and clothes. Over the initial phases of picking out what to sell it is easier to organize things to sell. Previously I already decided it was too important or do not take up too much space. The junk pile was easy to sort. I just throw it away. I only want to sell things I would otherwise keep for myself, but are not effective in helping toward my current work goals.

It is weird thinking about how much I spent to only get a percentage back for it years later. Then again I paid for stuff that is going into the garbage now and do not feel awfully about it. I keep thinking about this old portable disk player. It is way out-of-date and I could sell it as junk. I did not really pay for it. Some guys were stranded on the side of the road without a useable car jack to replace their tire. I didn't even put the spare tire on, but it was late at night and most people passed them by. They thanked me with the player.

I think they also wanted to get rid of it, because it was already old a few years ago and they wanted an MP3 or Mpeg3 player like most people. It was still really nice and I like it, but I do not think it has any real value to anyone. So I think about it knowing it should be thrown in the garbage. Then I think about how fast old electronics go up in value after they are no longer available. Seriously, I could wait another few years and sell it to someone who has CDs and no method to listen to them.

It will probably go into the garbage. I am just happy all the big furniture is sold. The mattress, bookshelf, chair and so-on are now in another person's home. I earned gas money for the trip. It would be even better if able to sell more things. Unfortunately, I feel as though selling everything in a couple weeks is about impossible so it might be time to get some storage boxes and get ready to pack.

It is weird to think about the extent of a lifetime of shopping and receiving gifts will soon fit into a compact car. I have more things in Texas to sell, yet soon it will all be sold at the depreciated price and fit into one hand.

Of course, making this money will also help fund my trip to California. I do not know what to expect. Maybe I sold several items of furniture to end up with one mattress and a dresser. The value of not feeling poor immeasurable. It is one thing to be poor and still have necessities. It is far different to feel poor and suffer without food. I imagine hunger pain makes people overly aware of poverty.

I have done the math. With a few Background Acting jobs each month I will have enough for rent and other necessities even though it all goes back into expenses. If working more than half a month I might be able to place money into savings.

It will be strenuous living on a minimal budget. Everything must go according to plan. It is not risky though. I have already researched everything and found solid facts on what to expect. It could end up going better or worse. Maybe I will get booked fewer than necessary days or get booked for a television series and work everyday for a couple months.

It does not matter. I feel fully prepared for the experience and want people to buy all my things. There is a blender on sale for $5. That one is used, but I bet someone will buy it. Most things have been kept in a closet for the past several years. Some things are still in the original packaging. I do not know the future, yet I feel really good about doing this. I am ready.

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