Naomie Christensen: On-Goings with YouTubers

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On-Goings with YouTubers

Going to VidCon was fun. Not knowing what to expect there were plenty of work groups for shoptalk and activities to liven the event.

Focusing on the fun portion I enjoy walking around, spotting YouTube Celebs and watching bands. There was an arcade in back. I haven't played Centipede in years. Almost cathartic I miss having quick coordination in association to playing video games, yet am not willing to spend a great deal of time playing because current life is better spent writing and making videos.

Obtaining permission to film at the Help Desk, I was expecting a great deal of cameras everywhere. It is VidCon. VidCon is about making online videos. Instead, a few Film Crews wondered around and I filmed at the event.

Familiar with laws I am alone. Choosing nice walls the first location is in the lobby of Hall A at the Anaheim Convention Center. They have nice carpet. Next is the inside of Main Event Area by the brick wall in front of the Chill Lounge. Finally, I am in front of trees in front of the Hilton Parking Garage.

Help Desk told me about how to access WI-fi, so recordings are available within an hour after filming. The first day is much like the video says. I might have seen a couple YouTubers in line. Registration was easy. After checking my e-mail and looking at the assembly of the Main Event Area it was time to make a video.

In the second video I mention going to the beach. There was a plan to break up the day and spend a couple hours at the beach. Talking about it with my cousin, guy I was staying with in Anaheim, we went to the beach on Sunday. I went to New Port Beach for a couple hours before the first official day of Expo Pass on Friday. Moving beach day to Sunday was fine.

I enjoy swimming in the ocean though fish freak me out. The water is clear like glass. I could see an eel swimming away from tangles of seaweed; a ray fish my cousin says must be some type of flat fish, and a gray fish with brown and black spots I am fairly sure is a baby shark. There are other critters swimming around. All I could see was movement.

Relaxing on the shore insects and spiders do not bother me. Looking at all the people playing in the ocean, none of them get hurt, though aquatic life is bigger it is probably safe.

The salty water of the ocean is excellent for skin care. It was a great experience though getting a awful sunburn on my front and back for the long drive home. If anything the combination of swimming and wearing a bikini is more dangerous. Several women were eight to nine months pregnant or leading a toddler parade.

In the third video there is an overwhelming amount of information only available to people attending the event. On the evening of the second day this annoying person began shouting things like "Stop making fun of us;" "You're not an EMO;" "You're a stupid bitch," and "We know you're a Goth." This is fine. At first did not see anyone. I thought they were shouting at someone else. Later on before getting ready to film they disappear. You can hear someone calling me a dork at the end of the video.

There are crowds of people. It is difficult assessing who is making commentary. I hear it, yet otherwise ignore it.

I also brought the daughter of my cousin's friend with me. Her name is Angel. We spent all day wandering around, going to signings and collecting autographs whenever possible. It was fun. She watches YouTube regularly. There was also ongoing chatter that she is my fan and small groups of angry teens (possibly younger) roaming the convention center. Her Mom arranged to visit my cousin's house shortly after the video announcement on the Internet.

In the evening her Mom took her home and it was time to go to the Dance Party. With a thin line between enjoyment and work the music was great though feeling sleepy. Making it a goal to finish the entire last day YouTube is a community. Though alone people dancing around would attempt to let me join their circle. I am not into that, yet the niceness of the activity is notable. Consequently after performing some real dance moves the crowd spread away from me as though I was on fire though slowly returning after bobbing and swaying for awhile.

Most people go to VidCon to collaborate with other YouTubers. My videos feature me. Sometimes the dogs or family make appearances. I do not want to have to pay for actors. Thinking about making a collaboration channel, it'll probably be a play list. This is not happening any time soon though next year I may want to bring ten dollar traveler's checks. That is minimum wage. I don't imagine filming any video for more than an hour. That is for people wanting to talk in a video. I could let people volunteer. I do not believe in volunteering. Anyone in the crowd is part of a cultural experience since it is an actual event, not a closed set; ergo, without entitlement to pay. No harm done, yet collaboration might end up being overly fussy.

A great trip, there was an unexpected after shock. It made me want to get a regular office job. I am feeling reclusive. Maybe doing regular stuff would be helpful. Originally the plan was to make art for regular, hardworking people. I have schedule and deadlines to grow my business, like a normal job, yet it feels as though I am slowly drifting into a fantasy world.

It is a couple days. Feeling better though the sunburn itches. I have scabs on my face. Relaxing into the ongoing creative procedure it is time to post another article. Vacations are great. It gets people away from regular activities whether a Home Maker, Clerk, Artist or Event Planner.

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