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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Rapidly deciding to go to VidCon I will be spending over a week working on organizing my websites. I am excited about new features on YouTube. It is also important to refine other websites, so no new articles for a couple of weeks. There are three new blogs this week. Not feeling too bad I enjoy taking spontaneous breaks from any work. This is one of the reasons blogging is a great job for me.

Creative jobs are awkward. With enough skill and patience it is possible to work through writer's block. There are several suggestions. Sometimes eating a small snack and taking a quick walk is enough to stimulate an idea. Sometimes focusing on the monitor or paper is enough to generate a brainstorm. Sometimes reviewing past work is good enough to identify areas of elaboration. Sometimes relaxing and seeing what is going on in the world is enough to spark a creative thought.

Every once and awhile I think of thoughts. Upon review I find everything is weak, whiny, overdone or underdone. It is tough knowing if it is a mood swing or really crap that I don't want to post to the internet. Even without these restraints boredom is a great reason to quit.

It is not just writing. There were several jobs that were exciting with new challenges. When major issues have resolutions the challenge is finding methods to save a few seconds between tasks it takes a lot of willpower to remain at work. I might start calling in sick to have something, anything different to do that day.

I remember sitting in my cubical trying to find any task to provoke excitement. I had my quick reference qanda, database and notepad on the monitor. My headset was firmly in place as I surf the internet while talking to people on the phone. Occasionally shifting total focus to customers the Information Technologists and Supervisors occasionally talk to me.

The IT Guys would warn me about e-mails. I remember one pointing out if I was really that good with computers I would know where the desktop icon is to hide my e-mails and forums from view. I was good enough to notice a warning our computers is somewhat public; therefore, someone is watching via NetWare.

Supervisors would say they do not mind internet usage because it never interferes with my stats; however, other people who watched my activity also wanted to surf the internet. Most of them cannot tab as quickly through multiple screens and their stats tend to suffer. I think they understood the job seems tedious and distractions are welcome.

It did not matter. After figuring out how to find the answers and clarifying the protocols work should be easier. You would think total competency is the apex of any work situation, yet it drifts into monotony. Everyday is different. There is no method to anticipate every instance. It grows dismal and one day for a different schedule become a week, even if laying in bed all day and roaming around the living room.

Now I can do that everyday. Motivation and planning deadlines for myself assists in making an eventful day. The major benefit to blogging is being able to take a day off or even a full month. Everything I have done in the past is on the internet. Web bots and billing automation handles everything until feeling like working again.

I have copyrights and registrations. These things are permanent without constant attendance. It feels good to simply stop sometimes, yet lately feeling like I always have to write new articles to entertain the audience. The idea makes me weary.

I do not know how it started either. There are frequently times when understanding this disposition requires mixing it up. I would stop blogging to begin drawing. When done drawing it is time to start writing. Maybe I want to sit around the house or wash dishes. Occasionally I work as an Background Actress on a film set. This is way different than making my simple at-home-videos. Even with all these various outlets, the dull sense of wanting something else appears again and even lounging around becomes a less than satisfying plan.

I am a healthy person. I eat a fair amount of calories for my height, gender and age. I also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Exercise is fairly regular. Sometimes I imagine becoming slender and people talking about weight. Honestly telling them that I am not anorexic as time goes by and the new diet has less then noticeable results these types of accusations never surface.

Becoming comfortable with weigh and circumference of my waist, being healthy is still the major goal. I was sickly as a teen. As a child I ran laps around the schoolyard and played sports. As early as puberty the muscles in my back formed unevenly. I could not attend Physical Education. Playing sports was not possible. I still walked and stretched. There were exercises to tone my lower back and stomach. It was like learning a new lifestyle.

It was fine. As a woman, I enjoy being dainty. Not really. It is nice having a ready excuse for not doing anything and everything. I really want to be more athletic. After years I have learned the slow jog. Migraines after bouncy exercise have virtually disappeared. It is nice knowing it was possible to essentially heal myself. After speaking with a Physical Therapists it is my own effort relieving back pain. Recovery can take years, unless you are a major athlete. I am not.

In either instance, I feel in control of my domain. This is why I must go do something wildly different and the next couple of weeks everything is about making it a productive business vacation.

I want my shirts to look great. It is difficult telling if it is a man's or woman's shirt. Shirt details, like v-neck, are also obscure. Artwork is frequently on the back.

I have a small list of meta tag and description updates so the site is easier to find with search engines. The mobile phone conflict bothers me. Most people casually surf the internet with their phones now. That is a big part of my market. My phone is internet capable, but I just use it for business and when my Mom calls. I do not bother with monthly plans. Topping-up satisfies all of my phone needs.

It does not matter. I feel blah. It is nice being able to stop and get back to everything later. It does not disappear like a regular job. Skip so many days, your fired. I usually quit first. Most of the time stats are great and I am overly punctual.

This vacation is important. It could impact on my blogging and video logging vocation. I want to be ready. Perhaps it is time to practice my one minute resume and print cards, yet I feel as though methods are alienating. Maybe it is better to approach it like working as a Background Actress and bring a deck of playing cards to pass the time.

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