Naomie Christensen: Harmonizing Expression

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harmonizing Expression

Beauty is a quintessential part of art. Paraphrasing "Theory and Use of Color" harmonizing the myriads of art elements into a cohesive statement is a perception through the Artist's mind, imagination and emotion.

Art is a right-brain activity. Occurring within the subconscious a person knows it is correct by simply looking at it. It is difficult quantifying the greater sum of artwork into words. There are tests and experiment. Helmholtz initial experiments found effective methods to mix paints to gain proper colors; instead of, another shade of brown or gray. It is not more complicated. Over several years philosophy and experimentation introduce new theories to stabilize an educational standard.

It is great to know how to mix paints. Paints are made from minerals. Zinc White is made from zinc. Iron and copper make reds and blues. Lacquers are made from organics, plants. Organic plants are known to fade and dull in sunlight. It is nice to think everything collected from the earth is utilized effectively.

Regardless of grand theories in relation to how much better we live life now; many past methods are the same. Books only provide so much information. There is larger depth information to discover. A person cannot read about art to become an Artist or take singing lessons to become a Singer. Talent is an allusive word, yet some people are able to place the activity into a meaningful process while others cannot.

Artistic License is the essence of fine art. Despite many rules about clean line and color palettes there is depth that moves from memories into emotions and onto a canvas. Artists find harmony through thoughts generating a general impression in their mind and move it into reality to share with the world. It does not follow manmade rules because most of life is not manmade. Wild flowers bloom across fields. Gardens are filled with flowers. Despite placement and hue in an identifiable scientific harmony they flow together to inspire beauty.

There are moments in a person's life either through great happiness, pain or happiness after coping with pain affecting everyone. Subconsciously there is an element within everyone understanding the message. In my life there were times a simple joke expands into a quarrel. For whatever reasons harmless playfulness becomes a detriment as the relationship drifts into nothing. There will be times of anger and denial. Eventually it becomes the past. It feels wonderful to accept changes and reclaim life or stay together realizing an argument over a mistake will not destroy a relationship.

In either event life is wonderful. With a preoccupation of details it is easy to climb mountains and spend hours looking at tiny insects crawling along the ground. Sometimes soil is dry and cracked. Sometimes soil is damp while lady bugs and butterflies fly and rest along the tips of blades of grass or flowers.

Going out to the club is fun. I made a few designs for shirts. I spent a lot of time going to clubs. It was fun dancing and talking to people. It feels good to be amongst friends and feel sexy. Playful commentary and wearing provocative clothes, I remember how people smiles and eyes glow under black lights. There is a moment where everything comes together, whether noticing someone watching you dance or finding an old friend in the crowd who wants to say, "Hello, where have you been lately?"

With tendencies to filter out caustic memories and focus on fun, art is a catalyst for expressing a multitude of emotions. Anger and sadness are not always perfectly in sync with color charts. Anger can be black and white with a splash of red for passion. Sadness can be gray with hints of brown and sallow yellow.

There is no particular right or wrong way to express emotion. Frequently there is a greater level of imminence in breaking the rules to create something more and something different. Recently reading about Color Theory it is easy to confuse technical perfection in a commercial market and artwork. Fine art and various forms of art surpass common techniques built upon a study to avoid wasting paint.

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