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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Skills Collaborate

Life as an artist is complicated. There are new venues for establishing a career online. Some dream of being a Director, Actor, Actress, Artist, Writer, Poet, Musician or Videographer. The internet offers a method to place a resume and portfolio online. Being able to track success with raw numbers is valuable. One of the main questions Publishers ask is, "Who is your audience?" This is easily identifiable with views and selling products.

Receiving a Publisher ID has complications. Similar to the real world a person has to prove a coherent understanding of copyright and intellectual property. Someone with an online resume for becoming a Director wants scripts, costumes and music so their work is comparable to famous movies. While some think this is an unnecessary challenge it is actually productive in several ways. It trains people to start thinking like famous Producers and Directors.

In my situation, I dream of being a Famous Artist, Writer, Poet and Actress. Some dislike "professional quality" YouTube videos, yet as an online resume I do not want to put anything in the public eye that is substandard and will make me look dreadful. Some might argue these types of videos are pretending to be famous. Logically, why would I place something on the internet which inhibits my ability to get jobs as an Actress?

There are a lot of people utilize the internet to advertise their business or want to participate in the media frenzy. I remember being at work and a Supervisor would entertain everyone with office humor videos Businesspeople are making to get attention for motivational seminars. Even though not organizing motivational seminars, it is a lot of fun. That is the great part of the internet, people participate. This is the definition of interactive.

There are challenges because it is difficult to know everything. Collaboration is excellent. When a person writes scripts find a Local Musicians to write music. Collaborate with Actors and Actresses. Eventually contacts assist in casting. Stretch imagination to come up with something meaningful from personal experience or education. Explore improving personal technique and skills to increase success and demonstrate overall competency.

Some might not want to collaborate or expand until feeling ready. Personally, I would rather do everything myself. If I cannot or it is not as important to me it does not go into my videos. I have a home set and methods to make noise for background music. It is surprisingly effective. The wind chimes are actually wind chimes I record while they blow in the wind. Sometimes I shake them in a rhythmic fashion to make a pleasant sound. I also purchased an inexpensive electronic keyboard and drum pads. Occasionally thinking about expanding, these challenges assist in developing a broader knowledge of art.

Spoofing movies might ensure an enjoyable plotline. Popular bands have proven people enjoy their music, yet these famous people were not always famous. They made original art to become popular through experimentation and time. Now they collaborate with in a venue of proven success and offer opportunities to individuals showing promise.

If nothing else explains the importance of focusing on originality, establishing a reputation and working with peers think about how it feels if someone steals your ideas. Progress is difficult when lazy people rip off your work. Even if their spoof has excellent visual quality, do you respect their character or feel they offer something original? If everything is free how does anyone make money? Compellations or burning CDs for a couple, more than the purchase price between, friends is troublesome. Artists should avoid participating in devaluating the price of their own work by devaluating the value of other artists notwithstanding level of success.

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