Naomie Christensen: T-Shirts are Now Available!

Friday, September 2, 2011

T-Shirts are Now Available!

It's exciting. I am now selling t-shirts on the internet. Wanting to make t-shirts for what seems like forever it was a priority to make a high-quality product.

Thinking about making the best product, it took awhile to abstract a handful of my original drawing so they are durable on fabrics. The Sticks images were originally thin lines; however, thick areas of solid color last longer after machine washing. Hatful and Pocket Watch have gradients on the originals. Larger items that are not washed in a clothing or dish washing machine are closer to the originals though slightly altered for ink.

Print is an interesting process. I took a class about the print process in college. There was a lot of information. I remember our print tests with ember red and golden rod which is almost ancient method in comparison with modern technology, yet the basic premise remains true today. Each file is re-sized so images are not too thin, fuzzy or blotchy.

Taking awhile to format designs on "Naomie Christensen" I love clean lines and feel time taken in quality appears in final printouts. Cafe Press offers an outlet to a variety of people, so it is nice knowing everything sold through my personal site helps them stay in business. I have total confidence in Cafe Press' ability to print files onto the wide variety of surfaces they offer. It also makes me happy to imagine people happily packages realizing their order is exactly what they want.

Not everyone is an artist, yet I believe everyone senses quality even if unable to place the feeling into words. My goal is for everyone buying a t-shirt, pajama, poster or anything available on "Naomie Christensen" is pleased with the final product and it is something they actually wear or display around their home.

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