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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Idea Free

Writing about everything important to building a business and avoiding many of the problems of starting a business, becoming an artist, beginning a productive life or becoming a productive person is complete. Attempting to think of anything new to add, it is only further explanation of quick references in another article or redundant. Having to think of what to do about this several opportunities have arisen over the past couple of years and I will be refocusing my energy into making these ventures productive.

As an auditory person, I keep asking myself questions and finding the answer is already written into the vastness of my blogs. Continuing to post occasional blog articles and YouTube videos, I thought about publishing a book so people can purchase a physical copy. Debating whether or not to remove the blog, the original motivation for writing was to clarify information for people who are starting out and may not have much money; therefore, removing it from the internet conflicts with the overall objective. Though having the information free on the internet conflicts with selling books, books are just another option.

The book probably won't include book or poetry reviews. A section related to Goth Life is also unnecessary. Reorganizing articles will assist in adding coherence and unity to general ideas without having to flip through the entire website. That should be worth something.

This is actually a good thing. Now I'll have more time to improve marketing information for other products I am selling on the internet like books and t-shirts. I also want to begin auditioning for acting roles and working as a background extra again. A year since doing either it is about time to get a job.

It is awkward thinking about changing. I've become accustom to writing and blogging. This is not a big difference. I've auditioned and made connection to publishers in the past, so I already have a direction. Suppose I'll do my usual thing, investigate various options and see which one shows promise. I'll review listings, look into things I've heard about and so-on.

Perhaps after getting out of the house and pursuing other opportunities, more ideas will begin to flow. Occasionally post an update about other ventures today I will be brainstorming on ideas to continue the longevity of the website and hopefully it is good enough people will still want to read it without having to constantly write more even if it is repetitive or lame in order to maintain an audience. Either way it is nice, because even before blogging I was looking for a method to create something with total artistic control that would last a long time. I can virtually quit, yet the blog will still be here while working on other projects, unlike a job that frowns on leaving office for an unknown amount of time.

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