Naomie Christensen: T-Shirts and Tote Bags

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T-Shirts and Tote Bags

Pursuing another opportunity, t-shirts are now available on the internet. Finding Cafe Press several of my original designs are available on a variety of different shirts: long-sleeve, short-sleeve and tote bags. They are available on demand and Cafe Press provides an interface to preview shirts before ordering.

Days of the week are symbolic, so it is more than a word on a shirt. Other designs are to this site. Slightly vulgar images are meant to be thought provoking and unique in the amount of time it took to create each image. Only certain designs made it into the t-shirt shop; however, if t-shirts sell there is room to expand and add more in the future.

I love art and business. Diversifying product is important. Similar to offering a diversity of articles and videos, it was great to be able to expand with music, books and now t-shirts. Next mission is to finish a poetry book with past and new poetry. It also includes artwork.

It is taking a long time to complete, yet it should be exciting. I take a lot of time figuring out how to present information, so it will be a positive purchase. People should be able to notice a higher level of skill and craftsmanship in everything they buy. This establishes a good reputation for future ventures.

Today it is t-shirts. Tomorrow it is audio books. Perhaps future ventures will involve becoming more active in acting or script writing. I never know what the next venture is until it happens.

It is difficult establishing a reputation. The past few years were an evolution. The first step was having any product. It was rough and perhaps unappealing, yet it was available. Then it needed to be honed and brought up to a professional level. Finding more outlets and diversifying was also important.