Naomie Christensen: Month of Mother

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Month of Mother

My Mother is visiting for an entire month. Unfortunately, her visit will slow down time to write articles and film videos. She has Multiple-Sclerosis. Living with her previously, she frequently demands attention. Multiple-Sclerosis damages nerves in the spine and causes lesion in the brain. Not making excuses, she is rather childlike and I did not agree to take care of her while my Step-Dad was traveling on a business trip.

It is okay. This happened before by people without brain lesions. Somehow I am talking to people and they hear what they want. I dodge the subject because it sounds like an awful idea. Somehow, they thought I agreed. I remember conversations my Mother. "Maybe I should visit for a week?" Then she is calls me back suggesting I stay the whole month while my Step-Dad is out-of-town on a business trip. I attempt to stop conversation related to vacations and visits. Then he decides it is a great idea and she will stay with me. Wonderful as I might be, I did not agree to this; however, I did agree to pick her up at the airport.

I fear the worst. She will go on a self-pity trip while I find methods to get anything done. She did this while I was in college. Somehow studying for tests is a personal attack. I will be respectful. There is no other choice, yet she was and still is frighteningly overbearing when I want something. I have to debate and convince her to give me a loan because it builds character. My skin is crawling trying to think of any way to suddenly move.

It isn't too bad. My Grandmother will entertain her with visiting friends or going for drives. I love my parents, much more now than as a teen. Parents seem like an inconvenience; however, after maturing and attempting to take care of myself it became clear they work hard to provide for our family.

They had several challenges: graduating from college and working at low-level jobs until finding a vocation. They also relied on Parents and were incredibly responsible when they paid debts to their Parents. It took several years. They borrowed money from my Step-Dad's Parents to afford our first home. It was a duplex. They would not help them buy a home. His Parent's first home was a duplex and it helped them get through difficult times and build equity. Perhaps they wanted a home; however, it was probably the best solution.

It will be fine. It might have fun. As for today, I am contemplative.

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