Naomie Christensen: Creative Fatigue

Friday, August 12, 2011

Creative Fatigue

Finishing one project, it is time to start another project. For the last couple of weeks, I've felt fatigue. It seemed to take so long to do everything last time only to begin again?

Knowing the most important element of creating interest is constantly providing new material, it is a challenge. Lying around in bed most of the day, it is like taking a mini vacation by focusing on the minimum requirement, blog entries. After finishing the music CD, book and editing the site it is time to start editing my older poetry and create new poems for another book. I know what to do, yet my body is not moving.

Going through my older poetry I've picked out a selection of poems for the book. It shouldn't be too difficult to print them out and review to isolate if there are any unnecessary words or redundancies. However, at this point procrastination is winning. With smaller tasks, it is as though my creativity disappeared.

These lulls occur to anyone in a creative career. Being creative and thinking of noteworthy thoughts is difficult. I've thought of things here and there, yet they are hardly worth expressing.

In addition to new poems, there is a challenge of designing a music CD to accompany it. Giving up on the idea of a music and poetry set, right now even the smallest decision of picking a handful of poems to make into longer songs or writing music as a pleasant background to read poetry is a huge decision. Maybe rework poems into lyrics and a poetry reading CD in a year?

I don't know. Lately there is this odd type of nervous energy coursing through my muscles. I've gone from barely sleeping to sleeping too much. I know it will wear off and I'll be working towards completing the next challenge. For now I am happy it is springtime and it is possible to walk around the park.

I've experienced this sensation before. In college, I was originally a Graphic Arts Major. It was a two year degree and between multiple assignments with constant demand for originality and skill it felt like the ability to be creative would never last. I changed degrees to an Associate of Science. It was easier absorbing information. Eventually, it turned around so I know it is not a permanent state of being.

Relaxing is good. It is nice to read a book. I have not completely stopped. Now I am working in a paced mannerism. Getting through it, there is no reason to stop everything. Hopefully, my blogs are worthwhile. I thought this blog would be interesting. It is more personal like a journal entry. It is also nice for anyone struggling in a creative field of work or study.

It is important to take advantage of creative times when ideas are abundant, so abundant it is difficult to physically stay current new ideas to compensate for the times when any worthwhile thought surfaces sporadically and begin to ponder if the entire worth of a life, experience, knowledge and wisdom has an end.

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