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Friday, April 15, 2011

Entertainment is Okay Again

People might wonder why I am singing karaoke songs on YouTube. It is entertaining. Thinking it would be fun singing karaoke, past community guidelines and policies were prohibitive. YouTube Partners are not paid for videos with copyrighted materials, video might be deleted upon request and the people with copyrighted material have no recourse to protect their rights. A lot has changed since then.

Currently, Google and YouTube reached a compromise and record companies became involved in the process. When a person posts a video with copyrighted music in the background money made through advertisements go to the record company and band. This sounds fair, because most people want to post videos for entertainment and hobby interests.

MySpace has a karaoke player. (I buy karaoke tracks on the internet and do not have a MySpace profile.) There are millions of profiles on MySpace and customers do not make money from their profile. It is a social network. Sharing and competing make it fun. I do not have a profile on MySpace, yet it looks fun. The owners of MySpace make money for site maintenance and companies providing the karaoke tracks share profits.

Knowing any video with copyrighted material will be advertisement space for someone else, most of my videos are completely original. If there is a television program, I script my own dialogue for a sound overlay and don't show the television. If there is background music, I make my own music. I have control over what is posted to my channel. A few videos are for entertainment. If the videos become popular the band will make money. In addition, I am only willing to wear tight clothes and prance around singing their song, nothing else.

Enjoying other people's videos on YouTube I always get this twinge, kind-of sickly feeling, in my stomach when someone talking about life, blogging their days events, putting their best comedic or short film material on the internet with background music they did not produce. Music might enhance ambiance, yet I would rather hear them talking about whatever in complete silence or tapping on a table while talking.

It does not seem like much, yet imagine millions of people using your song in their videos. That adds up. In addition, record companies basically announce which videos are available for the internet, because they post song to video or radio as advertisements. People might argue my music advertises your site. Look at my site. That is a huge misnomer. My karaoke videos get about as many views as my other videos. There is no noticeable change in viewership. My outfit, my presence, my appearance, my other writing, my interests, my life experience, my college degree and my singing is why anyone listens to it, and I paid a lot in college tuition.

Not everyone wants to make money, so this is fine. Maybe someone wants to make money and after starting one channel they have enough fans to get subscribers to the new channel; wherein, everything is totally original. There is a greater degree of empathy for those who worked so hard only to be let down.

Unfortunately this is the political climate in the world today. New artists, filmmakers, comedians, singers, songwriters and so-on are considered obsolete compared to people who already sold thousands or millions of songs and films. Watching YouTube I like people because they were friends on another community site; have similar interests; are attractive; are funny; have a cute bunny-nose, or whatever. It is fun like watching public access television. Luckily new artists are protected in that this only applies to an upload with copyrighted material, not their whole site. In the event of being approached by a celebrity with lawyers, most people cannot afford lawyers; therefore, the only consolation is being able to say people like you.

As complicated as it is, it is less complicated now. I feel good about everything. I should also mention reading community guidelines about nudity and violence. Nudity is fine when it is nonsexual. Violence is okay, as long as it is farcical or funny. Violence should not promote illegal activity, harm to another person or harassment of people. Those are for mature audiences and do not qualify for YouTube Partners. This is good to know. Thanks to Breast Cancer Association, Katie Perry and Scary Movie. I am sure there are more; however, if there was no nudity, not even partial nudity, mini-skirts or even a jovial slap-stick joke, they'd have to remove or restrict all those videos on YouTube also.

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