Naomie Christensen: Constructive Edits

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Constructive Edits

Feeling good after deciding to edit the entire site, it was a major undertaking. Frequently changing the color scheme and updating the site seems minuscule now. Decided to implement a new plan of rough, edit, wait and re-edit, because rough and edit left several errors.

Knowing the site still has grammatical errors here-and-there, there are over 400 articles. That is a lot and there will be more articles when editing again. Perhaps this annoys people, yet there are two methods to writing: creative and cognitive.

Creative aspects are experience, research, brainstorm and rough drafts. Ideas, concepts and abstracts make writing important, because writing is communication. It has to have value. Cognitive aspects involve unity, grammar, spelling, plot and subplots. Perhaps a plot and subplots are written in the rough draft; however, constructing a meaningful path between issues to clarify and add purpose is a cognitive activity.

An author must think about how readers will interpret information. Most teachers recommend editing a few drafts and then putting it away for a few days. Oddly, an author's perspective overrides an ability to read their own writing clearly. Everything appears to be stated as it should be stated. After a few days, when returning the paper, authors realize, "That is not what I was trying to say."

Updating and reorganizing my blogs, I'll realize blogs should be separate or together. It had eighteen topics at one time and now it has twelve. Previously, Mine Artistic was Creative Sensibility. Mine either claims possession or infers excavation. It describes the duel functions my art and tips for artists. I love puns.

Changed titles so content and links were also updated. I review my blogs whenever possible and find ways to improve or enhance functionality, before it is out-of-hand. It is also odd looking at the same site over-and-over. The background has changed several times. The current layout is visually appealing with the right amount of color. It was too dreary once and too bold once. Feeling good about it, the color scheme looks great now.

People focus on perfection; ergo, never write or do anything. Yes, it is great to have experience and skills, so a product isn't embarrassing; however, fixating on perfection causes stagnation. Another debate, though not perfect, ideas are available to entertain people. Others might say it is a first impression. It is over now, since no one will check to see if it is better later. I think it is an evolution. Start with clay and make a bowl. Now there is a bowl for soup and drinking water. Eventually, add glaze and make it attractive so it can sit out on the shelf. Both functionality and aesthetic are important.

Modifications take a long time. Each step is another tier. When adding feed flares it enhances previous updates. Overtime it will become close to perfection. Activities are harmonious.

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