Naomie Christensen: World Waiting CD

Monday, November 1, 2010

World Waiting CD

The Best of Naomie 76 (my YouTube Channel) will soon be available on compact disc and MP3. It is difficult to explain, because the orientation was to create original background music for videos shorts on YouTube. Most of them are remixed to some degree; except, "Alterations," "Charred" and "Hypocrite." "Charred" and "Hypocrite" were invented as songs to become background music in the future, five of the eight songs needed more to reassembles music.

For fun I added a couple instrumental or karaoke songs for "Art of Tan" and "Hypocrite." With a tendency to lighten serious topics, so it is easier to hear the message, several songs without the video are simply apathetic toward mainstream values and promote anti-consumerism. While, still humorous, a lot of the humor revolves around being extremely serious; therefore, it is advertised as Avant-garde, Experimental Music.

The song list is:
  • World Waiting
  • Dye Goth
  • Dental Essential Hygiene
  • Art of Tan
  • Hypocrite
  • Crystal Lullaby
  • Alterations
  • Charred

The most popular video on my site is "Art of Tan." In fact, it comprises over half of all views and interest for the entire channel. Of course, it is listed on CD. One song not appearing as the main song on the channel is "World Waiting" though it is in the background occasionally. It is exciting how much music increases the enjoyment of a film or video.

There seems to be some interest. The beginning of something is the tricky part, because it takes so long to go from interest; to having a real product, and then selling the product. I want a reward for my work. Though the main interest from viewers created this song list, the next CD will be dedicated to my poetry.

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