Naomie Christensen: Lyrical Attempt

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lyrical Attempt

With a handful of videos, essentially talking over background music in a singing type of voice, figuring out combining lyrics to music has been tricky. It is odd because I sing, write music and write lyrical poetry. With all the mandatory skills, it should be simple. This is my first video with a song, from my point-of-view, because the vocal parts are written as music.

Most of the time, I record sound samples from nature or compose my own music in short 4 to 24 counts and then mix MP3s together in the Movie Maker Application. This time I made sound files for vocals. This is the poem with all corresponding lines.


Disjointed round and round

Round and round
Round and round
Round and round

Fire up the noise
Bellows pulsating as
Energy rising filling the room
Uncontrollable bursting
Out in into. . .


I think they are somehow
Getting louder

Dance, dance

Hey, hey, hey, hey

The poem is nice on its own, yet the interpretation becomes clear in the song. As a fan of Industrial bands, such as: Nitzer Ebb, Ministry and Vampire Rodents an assertive voice intermingles with the other voices to form a melody. It sounds like different people making unique statements as tension builds; however, the title "Hypocrite" implies it is actually one person speaking. The person or people they are interacting with might be hypocrites.

The story of the Great Hypocotylous, a Grecian leader who became aware of the growing littering problem in the city and fixed the problem by announcing he throws all his trash away. Though this was not true, everyone began throwing their trash away and the city streets were clean. Obviously Hypocrisy has its good points, yet this song focuses on follies.

A fun experimental project, it turned out okay. It isn't too different from my other music; yet having a composition with a stronger resemblance to modern music is the goal. This does mean imitating popular groups. I enjoy having my own style. It means developing choruses, verses and a stronger musical sound for the vocal parts.

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