Naomie Christensen: Stick Elective Surgery (Wallpaper)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stick Elective Surgery (Wallpaper)

Over-the-counter drugs are on the rise. It seems like every soothing jingle is followed by an attorney's commercial to build a class action lawsuit or letting people know they won. If you suffered the right symptoms, they have a check ready for you at the office.

(1024W x 770H)

Elective surgery is all the rage. Everything has a side-effect. I wonder if it is worth anything. What are these products fixing? Most are improving a person exterior appearance, why?

It isn't difficult to notice how often attractive people are treated better. Everyone knows not to pick on attractive people, because they are automatically preferred. The attractive person probably has friends who eagerly step in to resolve the problem.

We as a culture attach so many traits to appearance. Type casting is a part of daily life. The only way to offset the impact is by being well known as a respectable person who is honest and lives a good life.

It isn't fair most of the time, yet we are familiar with the situation related to finding beautiful with internal ugliness. They become villains, susceptible to suspicion.

Plastic Surgery might be wonderful for someone making the outside as beautiful as the inside. Who is really getting fooled by the same person who has been caught acting unscrupulously on several occasions? (Stick World is also extremely violent. As you can see they're more statuesque while shooting each other.)

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