Naomie Christensen: Nether Woods

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nether Woods

Writing this poem a few years ago, it encompasses my love of nature and freedom it offers. This idea is combined with the four levels of virtue, a Taoist viewpoint. In many ways it represents life: happiness, death, revelation, and wholeness with nature. These attributes held without judgment, only acceptance.

While looking for ideas to write about, I came across an old journal entry. Most of my time was spent in the city throughout my teen years. Going to work and college, daily stress of life was getting to me. It was a freeing experience going out to the woods. The parallel between Buddha and my personal journey reflects in the infinite possibilities of life and humor in the way life is always changing, yet some things remain the same.

I have always enjoyed meditation. However, it was at home, like my room or living room. Having the freshness of the air and scenery made me aware of the world's beauty. Often through people and my own fixation on "success" my life was a cerebral cage. Everything had to be better. Taking the time to simply be in the world to enjoy life is what made me happy.

Even now, I listen to people. They are paranoid and searching to find something perfect and while continually raising the bar they never find happiness. They try fixing everything; including, themselves. Never realizing they have friends, they have family, they have money and things. They never learned how to be happy with any of it and want to make me miserable by questioning how I live my life.

Only few people in the world appreciate being able to rest and be content. While it isn't a permanent state, because change inevitable, it is good to stop and enjoy living.

The simple story is a hike up a Canyon. The physical plot is symbolized by words, "field rested." The proprietary message symbolizes the biblical interpretation of the four horsemen. The spiritual meaning is based on the journey of enlightenment.

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