Naomie Christensen: Naomie76 (Wallpaper)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Naomie76 (Wallpaper)

Wallpapers designed from my original artwork posted on various blogs on Naomie76, 2009. These bright and vivid wallpapers are a great way to enhance a computer. The standard LCD size is (1024x768), so all of these have been edited to 1024 widths or 768 heights. Stretch, center or tile them to look appealing on any monitor.

Click on the picture thumbnail. When it completely uploads to the screen right click and select the "save as" or "save as background" option. Choosing the "save as" option is great, because the image continues to be accessible on your computer even after changing the background in the future.

Change the desktop background by either right clicking the pic in the documents file or browse the available pictures in control panel. Select the wallpaper and it is back.



Pick a Hairstyle 569 x 748

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