Naomie Christensen: Loneliness Disguised

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Loneliness Disguised

Analyzing poetry has become a pastime of mine. "Poetry Breakdown" features an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary artistry. This poem illustrates my love of contemporary poetry. It utilizes classical rhythmic styling and remains free-verse, though it rhymes occasionally.

The concept is of a romantic sonata and embodies aspirations of true love. The person preoccupies themselves by pining for and worrying about their lover while separate from each other to make the feelings of loneliness go away.

Wanting to make a video featuring poetry, it took awhile to realize I should use an original poem. As a lover of poetry, I enjoy many of the classics, contemporaries, lesser known and current poems.

Retaining personal copyrights to "Loneliness Disguised" this video utilizes dark and haunting light to create a romantic mood of someone in a long distance relationship. The poem was published in Taj Mahal Review (Cyberwit's International Journal, Volume 4 Number 2).

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