Naomie Christensen: Killed It (Wallpaper)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Killed It (Wallpaper)

My first stick figure animation contains the action of a movie in less than one minute. As a humorist, I find word play to be extremely amusing. Beyond puns, farce, satire, musing and all forms of adding duality to a joke is fun. Stick figure animation is violent; therefore, making a play off of the new subculture phrase, "killed it," seemed like a natural union.

Killed It Images (1024x768)

Seeing the phrase, "killed it," used on dance shows, it is a compliment meaning the dancer performed at a level of excellence. Ergo, after seeing a dazzling performance, someone would say, "You killed it!"

This video exploits the literal interpretation. While other phrases remain intact, such as: "you're stupid" and "that was buck." The critical moment occurs when the stick on the right takes the phrase, "You're stupid," literally.

The right stick is established as the protagonist since it is the focal point by dancing. The left stick stands in the corner making judgments and is also the first to pull a gun. This escalates the madness which is life. It turns out when shooting at someone from a close range it is difficult to miss the target. Both stick figures tragically die in a veil blood and bullets.

One minute movies are fun. As a teen we practiced editing short stories into one or two paragraphs. The synopsis of any story is actually the plot and when extra description is wiped away. It is a good practice in fiction and rhetorical writing. Often people do not want the additional information and it is easy to add flourishes and intrigue later.

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