Naomie Christensen: City Creek Canyon (Wallpapers)

Monday, September 14, 2009

City Creek Canyon (Wallpapers)

City Creek Canyon has a great hiking trail. It is open most of the year, because the main path is paved. Even on rainy days hiking outdoors is attainable. Since it is lower in the valley, the snow melts away faster than trails high in the mountains.

The water refinery is on mile marker three and a half. Beyond that, there is a place called Rotary Park. Rotary Park is another mile up the road. Rotary Park has meeting places for events with statues, landmarks and more hiking paths. Picnic areas, running water and restrooms are along the way. It is set up for picnics and conventions. Vehicle permits and reservations are available through the city. Dogs, horses and camping are prohibited past mile marker three, since it is a watershed.

City Creek Images (1024X768)

City Creek Canyon is safer than many trails around the Salt Lake Valley. A helicopter often flies overhead and there is a steady stream of foot traffic on the main trail. On rainy days, a few hikers and mountain bikers are seen occasionally. While many friendly faces pass by, yet it isn't overwhelmed with groups of hikers and mountain bikers. Sometimes you have to turn the bend before seeing someone.

A person can hike seven miles on the main path, going in one direction. An attached trail goes in the distance for more of a nature experience. The nature path does not have as many conveniences; except for, a tradition dirt path and stone to mark the way. It is easy to see the trailhead. It is on the west side of the main trail and has a sign.

With two main routes: it follows the main path, or joins an old path connecting Salt Lake City to Bountiful. To hike to bountiful, go west. The trail is barely recognizable in parts. I have heard you can hike from Salt Lake City to Ogden, but I haven't tried it, so it might be a rumor.

Scenic in many ways, there are smaller paths to small caves, waterfalls, streams and forestry providing a canopy over campsites with stone fire pits. It is cozy when spending time to wonder around and look at plants and animals. I have seen: squirrels, deer, wrens, magpies and many other types of birds and animals hiking throughout the area. I am not much of botanists, but the plants and trees are beautiful. Some locations look like scenery in a fantasy film.

Finding City Creek Canyon Trail is easy. From South Temple and State Street, travel east until reaching B Street. Turn north on B Street. B Street turns into the entrance to the Canyon. At the bottom of the valley turn right after crossing the creek. It is on the north side of the road. Since it is a one way road, that ends at the Capital Building, make sure you don't pass the entrance. If you start going uphill, you've gone too far. Remember it is a one way road, no backing up.

City Creek Canyon is beautiful and the hiking trails are made to be enjoyed. It is relaxing to get out and be a part of nature; breathe fresh air, and see the wonders of nature. In addition to all of that, it is a great workout. If you dress right and wear sun block; it is also a great way to tan. Exercise, tanning and toning all in one event; what could be better?