Naomie Christensen: ChaKation (Wallpaper)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

ChaKation (Wallpaper)

Working on Chakation for blogger, it became apparent images of chakra hand positions were needed so the reader would understand how to perform meditations. It took over a month to design the collection of illustrations. Offering an array of hue and tone in each color; they depict the sensation a person experiences when stimulating chakras.

Additional images for meditations are also included, such as, the Ying-Yang symbol. All the images are dramatic, colorful and uniquely sized. These wallpapers should be centered or repeated as a tile. Since they are larger than the original artwork, it is easier to resize the image in applications.

Two of the images are compilations using a standard LCD screen size of 1024x768. One features the chakra positions in relation to the body.

Miscellaneous Sizes

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