Naomie Christensen

Monday, May 29, 2017


Thinking about the vast amount of imagination, a vast amount of fiction are thoughts of future events. Weaving the tapestry, a mesh of images to tell a story.

Images of fantasy, thoughts stem from past events or other sources. Being open to various stimuli, it is possible to find the source.

No one knows their future. The past is equally indifferent.

Recently, there is a challenge to make separations within the fabrication. It makes my mind wonder. I would not say it is a dare. It is a dare.

Feeling fine with restlessness, it is good to gain accurate information to make decisions. I was not making any decisions. It was an inert facet of life.

I understand people gleaming small parts of information to attempt to glean a larger picture of life. Mostly, it is a reflection of personal thoughts. Being from the side of perspective, people are entertaining themselves, I know these thoughts have a basis from nothing or only a glint.

I enjoy it. Allowing the brushing of thoughts about life cycle, I also think of unprovable realms.

It is inspirational, motivational, threatening and horrible. Not always following the same order. It follows whatever path feels better or connects to current moments.

To falsely prepare, there are many existing trends. There are the solid foundations stemming from everyday experiences. They, or the subject, might have totally different lives.

Even if they were similar, there is a unique sensation like a feeling. Instinct, not really instinct, a small primal voice that does not speak in words. It is the intelligence that makes words form.

Embracing the moment, there is a stirring of deception to hide fabrication. There is a drive to alter fabrications by preparing statements.

Today and yesterday, I feel like expressing some feelings. Currently, I feel like expressing it through cryptic messages. You might know.

With true friendship or reassertion of reality to find, they probably want to sell something. Mostly, we will never speak to each other.

I feel a shudder thinking of disastrous consequences. However, too many times, they went to my social functions. It is time reciprocate.

Reciprocation is awkward. I hide behind awkwardness. Hopefully, reciprocation is not exact.

I fear some harm. Reputation is important.

Will there be a roving band and Tiffany. Tiffany, an old something, I don’t want to deal with it. It is better than other options.

Drunkenness feels better than it looks. It all seems better to me. I wonder about the good old days. Some witnesses say it was not very good.

The future could be great with pictures, videos and selfies to make trailers. These trailers are to movie that are not seen in theaters. Montage to the high-points of the day.

Faint elements of fabrications create sparks. One or two, definitely not all are presentable. Though, I have never remembered or had a time when everything was exposed.

All the sparkles, glow sticks, tshirts, scripts, knives, rocks, words and subtle nuance of caring remain hidden. A sudden, momentary, glimpse that some fantasies are true.

It might be better to piece together a fuller picture of things affecting me. I feel better with daily expectation on one-side and fabrication on the other-side. It has its own table and chair.

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